No IDI discussion allowed
Dear Websleuths Members,

Our rules at Websleuths are rarely black and white. Many time we have to adjust rules for certain forums.

One rule we do our best to follow is who is allowed to be discussed when it comes to the particular crime committed.

We discuss possible perpetrators based on the mainstream media and police reports.

We do not allow posters to drag innocent people into a discussion and accuse them of a crime.

Because of this rule, we only discuss John, Patsy, and Burke Ramsey in this forum.

Those three people have not been cleared by the police and the current District Attorney.

There is nothing to suggest an intruder. The DNA is a red herring. Look at the note, the pineapple, all the evidence in the house, the behavior of the three people in the house, look at all these things. Until all of these things can be explained and logical evidence is offered to show an intruder we will not allow innocent people to be discussed as the possible killer. Just like any other forum on Websleuths.

Thank you,
Tricia Griffith
This statement is self-contradictory unless John, Patsy, and Burke all participated together in killing JonBenét. What Tricia really means is that they discuss only the Ramseys.

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