The killer's cruel nature
I worked with a man who was always a joy to see again. He'd come to my office to pick up paperework, chat a bit and be off. I had no idea he was addicted to cocaine. He didn't show up for work for a few days and was arrested for a BRUTAL murder. So happens I knew the victim, knew she was a druggie, had no idea he knew her. He was caught, convicted, no idea what happened to him but I really was surprised when he was first arrested.
When the investigation started I kept track of who was saying what - - he hid his issues at work but when people understood he was suspected of MURDER, no one was willing to keep his secrets.
Over the years I have seen that happen numerous times - - and in this case, once there was a brutalized body - - there was no all-inclusive conspiracy to protect the Ramseys. Their secrets were all revealed. John's mistress, Patsy's boob job - - the Ramseys told those. Patsy's less than faithfull recycling practices and John's dislike of vacuum cleaners being run while he was home were REVEALED!
Theree is no reason to think the Ramseys were capable of this murder.
(12-04-2019, 10:01 AM)jameson245 Wrote: There is no reason to think the Ramseys were capable of this murder.

I agree 100%.  The true perpetrator has the mind of a serial killer.  That's not John, nor Patsy, and least of all Burke.  It' more likely to be a cop or former cop than a Ramsey.

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