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From the autopsy - "The proximal portion of the small intestine contains fragmented pieces of yellow to light green-tan apparent vegetable or fruit material which may represent fragments of pineapple."

There is a great debate about when JBR ate that pineapple.

It seems it came from a bowl of pineapple found on the table in the Ramsey breakfast room. Patsy and Burke had left their prints on the bowl. Burke's prints were on the glass. JBR's ptints were not found there.

I think she grabbed a few chunks with her fingers as they were getting ready to leave for the Whites'.

Others say the killer fed it to her and then waited for it to pass through her stomach to kill her.

Dr. Dobersen told me personally that theere is no way to determine when she ate that pineapple - - too many unknown factors involved, but she could have eaten it before leaving home that day.

Even Steve Thomas, in his book, admits that is a possibility - though he says it is at the out limits of the possible time.
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3. "on the pineapple"
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On one of my trips to Boulder, I visited with both Dr. Krugman and Dr. Dobersen. They BOTH told me that no one can tell when JonBenét ate the pineapple because no one knows what else she ate that day.

They do know it was not eaten minutes before her death. The pineapple was not in her stomach but in her intestines. Think about kids throwing up - - it can happen hours after a meal - - and they are emptying their stomach, not their intestines.

No one kept track of what JonBenét ate that day. Some foods speed up digestion and others retard it. JonBenét was offered all kinds of food that day - - no one paid any attention to what she ate.

Both doctors told me that she could have eaten that pineapple BEFORE the family left to go to the Whites'. That is what I think happened. I think Burke had gotten out some pineapple, his prints were on the bowl. Why do I think him and not Patsy whose prints were also on the bowl? Well, Patsy's printswould have gotten there when she emptied the dishwasher. But the bowl and oversized spoon was, according to Patsy, not anything she did, not the way she would have served a pineapple snack to the kids. So I think Burke got it out - - and no one has told me that could not be true. ......... I think JBR was walking through the room and saw it and snatched a piece or two. There was no reason for her to touch the bowl to snatch a bit of a treat. And she didn't have much - - seems to me it could be as simple as what I just said.

I don't think the pineapple is related to the murder at all.
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7. "RE: Not her set-up"
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The bowl was not what Patsy would have used to serve a snack to anyone - and the spoon was not a regular teaspoon. A tea bag in a glass doesn't compute - - you don't make tea in a glass as the boiling water would cause the glass to break. The whole thing was weird.

Since the photos were taken after people had been wandering around for hours - - have to wonder who handled what there.
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19. "RE: The bowl"
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The evidence list

The cops didn't take the bowl the first day - they took it later - after they were told pineapple was found in the autopsy.

I want to know if the guests or VA saw pineapple in the house that day - - who was serving fruit - yeah, it seems there was other pineapple there so what is the real story?

I want to know if anyone in the house took out the garbage that day - I am guessing they did - and I doubt that garbage was checked later.

The cops would have looked inthe trash early - - but did they later in the day - when the VA and friends were cleaning around? I didn't see trash listed as evidence taken in.

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20. "Jameson"
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"The cops didn't take the bowl the first day - they took it later - after they were told pineapple was found in the autopsy."

I believe that to be misinformation on your part. The bowl was listed as an item taken as authorized by the search warrant of the 26th, where it is listed as item 71KKY. The autopsy was not begun until the 27th. The autopsy resulted in a separate warrant being issued to search for dark fibers, hair and seminal fluid or semen, as justified by the findings at autopsy of suspicious smeared fluid on JonBenet's thighs and fiber and hair evidence on items that touched her body. The warrant of the 27th does not request that officers look for items that may have contained pineapple because pineapple was found inside JonBenet's body.

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