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Tammy at 12:24pm ET:
What are your thoughts on the findings of pineapple in JonBenét's stomach?

Steve Thomas at 12:25pm ET:

"There was fresh pineapple in the victim's upper digestive tract. There was fresh pineapple, consistent with the rind, in a bowl on the breakfast table with Patsy's fingerprint on it. That affords me a rather simple explanation, given it was fresh pineapple."
2000-05-05: message board Internet chat with former Boulder Detective Steve Thomas from 5/5/2000 to 5/15/2000 message board - May 06, 2000
Thread: "Initial Comments from Steve Thomas"

ACandyRose (May. 06, 2000 06:47 PM)

Great book !!

You stated that JonBenet had "fresh" pineapple. Was there "fresh" pineapple either in the refrigator or in that basket that was suppose to the fruit basket that was suppose to be in the car?

What was the reasons the "Steins" were NOT called that morning like the other friends?

LovelyPigeon (May. 08, 2000 10:02 AM)

In the book, you frequently refer to pineapple found in the "stomach" yet the autopsy report indicates the stomach was empty and the food material was found only in the proximal small intestines. Why do you use the phrase "pineapple in the stomach"?

Also, how, when and by whom was the "fruit or vegetable" material identified positively as pineapple? (I have purchased and read your book but did not find the answers to these 2 questions inside it)

SteveThomas (May. 10, 2000 02:04 AM)
ACandyRose (read)

Dear ACandyRose,

Unfortunately, hindsight is everything. At the autopsy, the discovery of the pineapple in the upper digestive tract sparked a recollection by a detective back to the crime scene -- a bowl of pineapple on the breakfast table (which was collected and refrigerated as evidence).

Much much later we were able to have the scientists make the determination that the pineapple in the bowl was fresh pineapple (as opposed to canned), and was compared to the pineapple in the victim — consistent right down to the rind in both cases as fresh pineapple.

(Not to mention Patsy's fingerprint . . .but that is another story)

But by the time all these "discoveries" were realized, the thought to determine from where the fresh pineapple had its genesis was gone -- that is, one cop thought there might have been some fresh cut pineapple in the Ramsey fridge, but it had never been collected. There was no way of knowing then how important this would become later!

We do know, though, that the White's never served pineapple at their home that night.

Would love to discuss it more with you at some later point.

Hope this answered your question on the pineapple.

Re: the Stine's -- why weren't they called by Patsy that morning? In my opinion, the Stine's didn't really become close friends until after this tragedy. I found nothing indicating they were in the Ramsey's close circle before Christmas, although they were acquainted and on friendly terms. But the White's and Fernie's were obviously much closer.

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