Aug. 7, 1998 - responding to resignation
Aug. 07, 1998 - Ramsey Update #70
Aug. 7, 1998
Leslie Aaholm, City Media Relations, 441-3090
Suzanne Laurion, DA Media Liaison, 441-4702
Ramsey Case New Release Index
Joint Statement from the Boulder Police Department and
the Boulder District Attorney’s Office
(Ramsey Update #70)

Members of our offices met this morning to further discuss the resignation letter submitted by Steve Thomas.
We talked about responding in detail to the allegations presented in the letter, but agreed that our primary responsibility is to gather sufficient evidence to prosecute the JonBenet Ramsey homicide, and to further address these charges would only sidetrack the case.
Police Chief Mark Beckner said, “As I said yesterday we do not agree with Thomas’s opinion that the case cannot be successfully concluded. In the six weeks that Thomas has been gone from the department our agencies have worked closely together to complete additional interviews, prepare and submit additional evidence for testing, and review other investigative materials. We have not finished this investigation and we will continue to work on this case pending a decision regarding convening the grand jury.”

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