Christmas Day
*From warrant #1 - According to John Ramsey, the only persons at this residence from approximately 2200 hours on December 25, 1996 until 0545 hours on December 26 were: John Ramsey (father of JonBenét); Patricia "Patsy" Ramsey (mother of JonBenét); and Burke (10-11 year old brother of JonBenét).
personal comment - ò¿ó - Was the killer in the house at this point? Was the ransom note already written? This is my theory, and that view is shared by others. I think the killer had walked to and entered the house, and that he wrote the ransom note while he waited for the time to be right. I think he never planned any kidnapping, and that the note was an "exercise in fantasy". How long was he in the house before the murder? Only the killer knows for sure. If he got to the house only 10 minutes before the Ramseys, he could have hidden in the basement, written the note, planned the crime, prepared the garrote, all while waiting for the family to settle in for the night. Plenty of time to prepare the note and plan the crime itself.

In Atlanta, JAR reportedly used an ATM to get money for a movie. He was with two friends, Chris Stanley and Brad Millard. These friends and the bank film helped clear him from suspicion.
In my opinion, formed immediately after reading PMPT in 2001 or so, this crime was meticulously planned by someone who understood forensics as well as police "tactics and countermeasures" as the author of the ransom note claimed.  It also seems to me that the purpose of the note was to attract the attention of the FBI, in particular the profilers who were suddenly superstars at that time.  Not only could he outsmart ignorant local yokels like Steve Thomas, he could outsmart these superstars.  I believe that this was all done to attract national attention for some reason, perhaps because he could gain from it financially in addition to becoming a crime superstar like Zodiac.  In fact, there are several indicators in the ransom note that the Ramsey perp was quite familiar with Zodiac, the misspelling of "bussiness" (similar to Zodiac's "buss") and two of the strangest aspects of the ransom note, the word "beheaded" and the weird introduction about being members of a group representing a foreign faction.  These two aspects could easily be from The Mikdado, the comic opera that Zodiac referred to in his letters to the police.
JR: She was a spark-plug in our family. She was a ball of energy. That's just something you can't not remember.
Man: Christmas morning, 1996. On the day of her murder, JonBenét woke early.

JR: I can remember vividly Burke and JonBenet running up to our bed to get us up. The kids, the little kids, little kids would pass out the gifts to whoever they were for and we would go around the room and open each gift – We did that that morning.

From JonBenet's America
JR: JonBenet had gotten a bicycle that Christmas and we played most of the day. We were going to go out to dinner and I can remember we were trying to get everybody organized to leave and JonBenét was on her bike and wanted me to take her around the block. I said, "No - no we don't have time, we'll do that later." She said, "Oh Daddy, please," and I can remember that and that kind of hurts because we didn't do that.
Man: On their way home around 9 PM, they dropped off gifts. Susan Stine and her husband were the last people known to have seen the family before the murder.
SS: They came to our house and I talked to Patsy for awhile maybe 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and they all seemed perfectly normal. perfectly the same - bubbly about Christmas and about where they were going and we, my husband and I, waved good-bye to them as they drove home and that was the last time we saw them as an intact family.
Man: The Ramseys say they were anxious to get the children to bed because early the following day they were flying their small plane to their holiday home on Lake Michigan.
PR: By the time we got home, JonBenet had fallen asleep in the back seat.
JR: I carried JonBenet upstairs and it was kind of a usual routine. I took her shoes off then Patsy
would come in and get her ready for bed.
PR: So I undressed her down to her little knit top that she had on and put some long underwear
bottoms on her and tucked her in real tight and kissed her goodnight.
JR: Burke was downstairs trying to put together a model that he'd got for Christmas and I couldn't get him to go to bed. We were going to get up in the morning and leave to go to Michigan so I help him put it together so I could get him to go on to bed. So he went to bed and Patsy and I went to bed.

from JonBenet's America

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