Information on Fleet White at the party:
During the Dec. 23rd party, for much of the time Fleet was using the phone in
the family room on the first floor. There were several people in there eating
their buffet dinners. He made a number of calls regarding his mother, who
was hospitalized in Aspen. He seemed to be trying to get some medicine or test
results to Aspen . Some of the calls seemed to be to messenger services.
Because it was evening, he was having a hard time getting what he needed,
getting transferred around. He was agitated throughout the time.
Fleet was using a white letter-sized notepad on which he was taking notes. He
would kneel in front of the telephone table and write on the pad, which he had
put on the table. A few pages were folded over on the pad, maybe because he or
someone else had already written on them. It seemed pretty clear that he
didn't bring the pad with him to the party. After a while, when he had made
the arrangements he needed to, Fleet left the part early to go to Denver to
pick up the medical equipment/tests from somewhere (a medical supply place, a
hospital? -- it was unclear from the calls) and take it to DIA to be flown to
his parents in Aspen. Another man at the party asked Fleet if he wanted him to
go, and Fleet said no. The two men that the Whites brought to the party may
have gone with Fleet, but it isn't clear. Fleet took the white notepad with
him to go to Denver because it had the directions and information on it that he
The DA learned about this at the latest by August 1997, and his office and the
police by at least summer of 1998 (if Hunter hadn't told them prior).

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