MILK on the pineapple?

The Ramseys told me they NEVER put milk on pineapple One looked kind of shocked and asked me, "Who would do that?"
Later I wondered if maybe the white in the bowl was melted ice cream, but admit I never asked the family about that possibility.
The other thought I had is that the white is mold - that bowl was out for a while nefore it was photographed.
Since the pineapple was not in her stomach but beyond that< I don't see it as being important at all to the murder investigation so I don't tend to dwell on it. Still, just for the record, none of the Ramseys put milk on pineapple.
Some say the white in the photo is milk.  I have said I don't believe it.  I asked the family about putting milk on pineapple and they said never.  I was studying some crime scene photos - and something caught my eye.  Remember, this picture was not taken on the 26th but a couple days later, I believe the 28th.  And I believe it was put on the table on the 25th.  The prints on it belonged to Burke, there is no reason to attribute it being there to anyone who was in the house on the 26th and no reason to believe Burke was in that room on the 26th - he was taken down the front steps and out the front door.
I believe the white is mold - and I will tell you why.  Look closely at the image.  At the 6 o'clock mark, there is a black spot.  When you enlarge the image as I was able to do recently you can see that the black mark is not something floating on milk, it is a hole.  Since milk would leave a level surface, I came to what I believe is a common sense decision that the white is likely mold.

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