timeline by samarkandy
Thursday Dec. 26:
5.30 am Patsy Ramseysays she finds a 2 1/2-page ransom note on a staircase demanding $118,000 for JonBenet. 
John Ramsey tells detective that only John Andrew, Nedra and Linda Hoffmann Pugh had keys. (Patsy must have told them about Joe and Betty Barnhill having a key) 
1.10 pm John Ramsey brings his daughter's body up from basement room.
An FBI profiler tells Boulder Police “to look at the family’
Pete Hofstrom from DA’s office arrives at house
Afternoon Melinda, John Andrew and Stewart Long arrive at Ramsey house
Afternoon family goes to stay at Barbara and John Fernie’s house. 
Afternoon Det Arndt interviews Ramseys at John and Barbara Fernie’s house 
2pm Eller organizes next meeting and designates Detective Michael Everett as lead detective, compiles list of Ramsey employees and business associates, also relatives, housekeepers, acquaintances, babysitters
Sometime during the day Trip DeMuth discovers BPD was not going to collect any forensic evidence. He forced them to collect it.

7 pm Dets Fred Patterson and Greg Idler interview Linda Hoffmann Pugh

Mike Bynam, close friend and corporate attorney, arrives at Fernies 
Evening Pam, Polly and husband and Don and Nedra arrive at Fernies
Evening Fleet White and John collect Jeff Ramsey, Rod Westmoreland from airport and bring to Fernies
8 pm execution of FIRST search warrant begins
8:30 pm coroner came to house, stayed about 20 minutes. Patricia Dunn coroner’s assistant stayed with body until it was taken away at around 10 pm 

Friday Dec. 27:

8:15 am autopsy begins, Dets Linda Arndt and TomTrujillo of Boulder Police present, also chief trial deputy Trip DeMuth and Det John Pickering from the DA’s office. Patricia Dunn shot 113 photos for coroner, Trujillo shot photos for police.
10 am Patterson and Idler interview Fleet White at police headquarters for about 2 hours
10 am Det Larry Mason interviews Pam Griffin and daughter Kristine at police headquarters. Was asked if she’d ever seen inappropriate behavior, anything abusive. Was asked about pageants
execution of SECOND search warrant – got more clothes, likely murder weapons ie flashlight, etc
Bill Wise is quoted in the Rocky Mountain News as saying it was unusual for the body of a kidnapping victim to be found at the home.
Eller compiles list of suspects, assigns 30 officers to the case.
DA requested four of Sherriff Epp’s detectives to work on case. Among them was Det Steve Ainsworth who only worked for BPD that weekend. Then later, in March, was lent to the DA’s office to work on Hunter’s investigative team for the defence 
Police interview Linda Hoffmann Pugh for a second time at her home and taped it
The day Bill and Janet said they went to doctor’s office and first heard about crime in and article in the newspaper that was there
Mike Bynam goes to Fernie’s house to see John and Patsy and tells John they need a lawyer and offers to represent them
Afternoon Fleet White goes to Fernie’s house where Mike Bynum is with John and Patsy .  
Afternoon Pam Griffin is called to Fernies by Polly. She said Fleet White was there not letting anyone get near Patsy
2:20 pm autopsy completed and Eller briefed on findings

Early afternoon Det John Eller holds press conference where he seems depressed, tired and obviously reluctant to face them. Speaks softly and didn’t say much. “We have no reason to believe it was a kidnapping or not at this time”

3:00 pm Fleet leaves to go to BPD headquarters 
4:00 pm Fleet returns to Fernies, according to Bynam behaving completely differently 

John also comments that Fleet White’s demeanour changed after this visit to police HQ – he became upset and confused 
5:00 pm Fleet White goes to Mike Bynam’s office to talk about situation. It appears that David Williams, a private investigator was there. 
Coroner’s ruling that JonBenet died of asphyxiation caused by strangulation is publicly revealed.
Police indicate to journalist Charlie Brennan that they believe the parents are responsible and to journalist Julie Hayden that they are concentrating on the parents
Later that evening Dets Mason and Arndt interview Ramseys at John and Barbara Fernie’s house 
Saturday Dec. 28:
Det Steve Thomas begins to work on the case. He had been a friend of police chief John Eller for 6 years. 
Jane Stobie ex-Access Graphics employee called Boulder police to say she had important information for them. Police did not return her call

John, John Andrew, Burke go to police station and give non-testimonial evidence (blood, hair, handwriting samples),Patsy too distraught to do so 

Information leaked that coroner has found evidence of sexual attack
Shortly after noon, without consulting John or Patsy, Bynum told Arndt that Ramseys would not give any more testimonial evidence without a criminal attorney present, and they would no longer share privileged information with police. 
Bynum calls Bryan Morgan of Haddon, Morgan and Foreman. Bryan Morgan goes to see John and Patsy at the Fernies. Ramseys retain Morgan as their attorney
Pam Paugh was allowed to enter Ramsey home and collect some belongings. During the visit a police officer said to Pam “Your sister and brother-in-law killed this child”
News stories make it clear that Ramseys are principal suspects                                                                                                                    
5:40 pm at the Justice Center Patsy gave her FIRST handwriting sample 
Evening Ramseys meet with Bryan Morgan and Patrick Burke

Sunday Dec. 29:

Bynum confirmed that Detectives Arndt and Kim Stewart could speak to John Andrew and Melinda and John’s brother Jeff.
Detective Kim Stewart interviewed Melinda Ramsey for 2.5 hours
Memorial service held at St John’s in Boulder. Detectives Mason, Thomas, Gosage, Arndt attended
Arndt faxed 2 pages of questions to Bryan Morgan for the Ramseys
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Detectives Ron Gosage andSteve Thomas interviewed John Andrew Ramsey
Ramseys flew to Atlanta for funeral
Head of Boulder County Sexual Abuse team, Holly Smith inspects JonBenet’s room and notes that all panties in bedroom dresser are fecal smudged
Execution of THIRD search warrant– JR’s computer records seized 

Dec. 30:[/b]

Sherriff John Epp’s detectives reported that some of Eller’s officers were just sitting around when they should have been canvassing the Ramseys’ neighbourhood. 
A few hours later Dets Jane Harmer and Arndt go to John Fernie’s office to meet with Fernie and White. Fernie Is worried that police suspect John Andrew. 
Det Arndt interviewed Fleet White. White said an intruder must have gotten in. That someone wanted to hurt that family and hurt daughter.
Whites and Fernies flew to Atlanta for funeral
Bloodstains obtained from panties were submitted to Colorado Bureau of Investigationfor DNA testing. Also submitted were samples from John, Patsy, Burke, John Andrew, Melinda, Jeff Ramsey, Linda Hoffman Pugh, Mervin Pugh, and John Fernie
CBI Director Carl Whiteside said they had one piece of evidence they were working on declining to say what it was. 
Ramseys announce that Bryan Morgan had been hired to represent John, and Patrick Burke for Patsy, (both from firm Haddon, Morgan and Foreman) 
Eller placed Det Sgt Tom Wickman in charge of crime scene investigation
Revealed by police that ransom amount was $118,000. Also that there was no sign of forced entry
Tuesday Dec. 31: 
JonBenet’s funeral in Atlanta burial in Marietta, Ga. 
Boulder police ask Marietta police to go to funeral home and take tracings and measurements of JonBenet’s hands 
Westmoreland, close friend of CNN president organises for Ramseys do interview on cable news network
Dets Thomas and Gosage interviewed Joe Barnhill Snr who was said to have a key to the Ramsey house. They found out he had a boarder, Glenn Meyer, who lived in their basement
Dets Thomas and Gosage  immediately interviewed Glenn Meyer as per instructions from Eller
Det Carey Weinheimer met with Denise Wolf of Access Graphics to get names of people who might have a grievance against John
Dets Patterson and Weinheimer interviewed Jeff Merrick former employee of Access Graphics, still following up the old kidnapping theory
Not all Access Graphics ex-employees were immediately interviewed because some were away interstate 
Ramseys hire their own investigators
After the funeral Fleet flips and becomes violently angry that Ramseys have hired their own investigators (and are ‘not co-operating’ with police). Big argument with John about that and also about them going to appear on CNN television show even though he was initially all for it. 
Eller announces to detectives they will now focus on the Ramsey family and their friends. 

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