santa letter in trash?
Excerpts from National Enquirer book, "JonBenet, The Police Files" by Don Gentile and David Wright

1998 June 25, 26, 27 - Taped Interrogation interview of Patsy Ramsey by Tom Haney and Trip DeMuth in Colorado

NE Book Page 338:

John was then shown two photos showing a
[i]torn-up letter that was found in the trash can in JonBenet's room.[/i]

Lou Smit: "Have you ever seen a letter like that?"

John Ramsey: "It doesn't look familiar... it says,
"Somebody loves you all, Merry Christmas."

Lou Smit: "I can tell you that
these items were found in the trash can in your daughter's room and it was torn up."

John Ramsey: "Do you know what the word before "loves' is? 'Somebody loves you all.'

Lou Smit: "I am sure that has been looked at very closely. It appears to be a Santa Claus Letter."

John Ramsey: "(trying to read the torn-up letter)...
'Friend, enjoy your holidays, Christmas.' 'Well it doesn't look like anything I have seen before... and I don't know what it would be doing, you know, torn up in..."

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