Excerpts from National Enquirer book, "JonBenet, The Police Files" by Don Gentile and David Wright

1998 June 25, 26, 27 - Taped Interrogation interview of Patsy Ramsey by Tom Haney and Trip DeMuth in Colorado

NE Book Page 243:

Tom Haney: "Okay. The next group of photos and these are not numbered - but they show a flashlight."

Patsy Ramsey: "Uh huh."

Tom Haney: "A black metal...type"

Patsy Ramsey: "Uh huh."

Tom Haney: "Flashlight. Do you recognize that?"

Patsy Ramsey: "It looks similar to one that John Andrew gave John for Christmas, birthday or something."

Tom Haney: "That's similar to the one that John Andrew gave John?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Yeah."

Tom Haney: "And I think last time when you were here on last April... you said, 'where that was stored?'"

Patsy Ramsey: "Uh huh."

Tom Haney: "And I want to clarify that a little bit. Do you remember where it was stored?"

Tom Haney: "The drawer that is open?"

Patsy Ramsey: "That's open there, yeah."

Tom Haney: "And that's the wet bar that's by the spiral staircase, right?

Patsy Ramsey: "Right"

Tom Haney: "Okay. Okay. and looking at photo 380, you don't see a flashlight in (the drawer), right?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Correct...where was this flashlight found?"

Tom Haney: "Well, do you remember when you came in on, in April, they showed you a picture of the flashlight? Do you recall that? You may not."

Patsy Ramsey: "No, not exactly"

Tom Haney: "Okay. This was on the kitchen counter... why would that be out?"

Patsy Ramsey: "I don't know."

Tom Haney: "Did you guys use this flashlight much?"

Patsy Ramsey: "I didn't, no"

Tom Haney: "Who did?"

Patsy Ramsey: "John used it"

Tom Haney: "What did he use it for?"

Patsy Ramsey: "I don't know, looking in the garage and the car or something like that."

Tom Haney: "Okay. Had you ever seen it on the kitchen counter before?"

Patsy Ramsey: "Not that I recall."

Tom Haney: "Would it have struck you as unusual, or would that not be outside the realm of possibilties, given the habit of the family?"

Patsy Ramsey: "It seems like it would have been unusual to have made it all the way into the kitchen, because usually if somebody was using the flashlight, they were - John was looking at something in the garage or under the car or somethig like that."

Tom Haney: "Okay"

Patsy Ramsey: "But he might, you know, I'm sure you must have asked him if he...?"

Tom Haney: "And maybe I missed it, do you know when you last saw it in the drawer?"

Patsy Ramsey: "No, I'm not for sure."

Tom Haney: "Okay, how about, do you recall of using that during say a power outage or to check on the kids at night, anything along those lines?

Patsy Ramsey: "No, I don't remember that"

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