and hence

2000 March 18
John and Patsy Ramsey book
"Death of Innocence"

DOI (HB) Page 234:

"John and I wrote message of appreciation to our friends to be printed on the back of the liturgy of the day. We thanked the people for their support through the past year and expressed how much their love had meant to us. We also commended on the meaning of the Christmas season and why it was important to remember the real season we celebrate this time of the year. In composing this expression of appreciation, John and I had each written a version. With both copies in hand, John dictated and I typed at the computer as we merged the two into one. Later Susan Stine and Roxy Walker made a few edits as they type it into the liturgical program.
This edited version included the phrase and, hence. Those two words turned out to be the next bombshell!"

"Actually, I have no idea why we used that phrase.
Maybe we'd seen it so many times in reading the ransom note - and having to write it over and over again for the police - that it became a part of our own subconscious vocabulary. Who know? Then again, maybe people everywhere use the phrase and, hence everyday of the week, because it's a normal part of the English language. The fact we used any set of words in our statement meant nothing more than an attempt to convey our personal feelings at the moment we were writing."

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