Feb. 19, 1998 - Beckner denies BPD is leaking
Feb. 19, 1998 - Ramsey Update #64
Feb. 19, 1998
Leslie Aaholm, Media Relations (303) 441-3090
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Statement from Commander Mark Beckner
(Ramsey Update #64)

While I see little value in perpetuating the verbal volley that seems to be rampant in the Ramsey case, I feel I must respond to comments Mr. Jim Jenkins sent to the media today. My investigators and I are committed to finding the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey. We continue to conduct our investigation with integrity and professionalism in the face of many obstacles. As stated in my December 5 news conference, there are three key interview that need to be conducted with John Ramsey, Patsy Ramsey, and Burke Ramsey. Our request for interviews with John and Patsy were declined. Negotiations with Burke Ramsey were progressing until Saturday, February 15th, at which time Mr. Jenkins informed me he believed someone in the Boulder Police Department provided information to the media in reference to our discussions.
There is absolutely no advantage to me or to the Boulder Police Department to disclose any information regarding the discussion with Mr. Jenkins. In fact, just the opposite. Our need is to interview witnesses in this case. After looking into Mr. Jenkin’s assertion, I am confident that the information did not come from the Boulder Police Department. I have since discovered that there are other sources where the information could have come from. It is unfortunate that unfair accusations continue to be made in this case.
The focus of this investigation should be on finding the murderer of JonBenet. That is where it will remain for me and my investigators. The fact remains, it is in the best interest of this investigation that Burke be interviewed, and we are ready to interview him.
Given the refusal, for whatever reason, of some people to cooperate in this investigation, we will attempt other investigative avenues to obtain the information necessary to complete this investigation.
NOTE: The Police Department will have no additional comment.

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