Testa retires - Weinheimer in
BOULDER, CO — Boulder Deputy Police Chief Carey Weinheimer, a 29-year veteran of the Boulder Police Department, will serve as interim police chief when Chief Greg Testa retires Sept. 3. Testa has served as Boulder Police Chief since 2014.
Weinheimer is expected to serve in the role for about 10 months until a new police chief is hired in 2020.
"Deputy Chief Weinheimer has played an essential role in maintaining the high standards of the department and in building our strong relationships with community members to ensure the Boulder Department continues to represent Boulder's values and a safe community for all individuals who live, work and visit here," said Jane Brautigam, Boulder city manager, in a statement. "I am confident that Deputy Chief Weinheimer is well prepared to lead the department with the full support of the leadership team and the respect of our officers throughout the organization."
Testa, who worked for the Boulder Police Department for 32 years, said it's been an "honor to serve the community."
Weinheimer joined the Boulder Police Department in 1990, and has since served as an officer, detective, sergeant, commander and deputy chief. He has been closely involved in the management of the police department and has worked with the city organization to launch the first-ever Boulder Stop Data Report, the city said. Weinheimer also is a member of the city's racial equity team and works with the Government Alliance on Racial Equity to improve treatment of all community members.
"We are fortunate that our police department is a healthy organization, and one that continues to challenge itself to be innovative, transparent and to reflect our community values," said Brautigam. "Deputy Chief Weinheimer understands the Police Department and the community. I am confident that he will be a strong interim chief until a new police chief is selected."
The city will conduct a search process for the next chief of police beginning in the fourth quarter of this year.
"In our search for Boulder's next police chief, understanding this community's values, maintaining strong department leadership, and partnering with residents to ensure Boulder has a transparent and equitable police force is essential" Brautigam said. "As part of our selection process, we will provide opportunities for the community to meet with the finalists and provide input on the candidates."
A date has not yet been set to fill the position. The city will work closely with law enforcement officers from outside organizations to evaluate candidates on policing standards, leadership, experience and preparedness to serve the Boulder community as chief of police.
"On November 5, Detective Weinheimer arrived in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, to meet Dr. Werner Spitz, one of the world's foremost forensic pathologists. Weinheimer took with him a stack of black-and-white photographs of the cellulose that coroner John Meyer had found in JonBenet's vagina. Weinheimer wanted to discuss not only the cellulose but also the probable chronology of events leading up to JonBenet's murder. The detective told Spitz about the pineapple found in her small intestine, which might be an indicator of the time of death. Spitz said he would have to examine the slides of the cellulose before he could state anything definitively. He was willing to go to Boulder, he said. Ten days later, Weinheimer and Spitz met with Tom Faure, the coroner's chief medical investigator, at Boulder Community Hospital. By then Weinheimer had already consulted with another specialist, Dr. David Jones, a professor of preventive medicine and biometrics at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

Spitz examined the four slides of tissue taken from JonBenet's vaginal area and discussed with Weinheimer and Faure what the coroner had observed about the head injury, strangulation, and vaginal cavity. After viewing the slides, Spitz repeated his opinion: the injury to JonBenet's vagina had happened either at or immediately prior to her death-not earlier."
- L Schiller, Perfect Murder, Perfect Town

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