from Ramsey interviews
22 LOU SMIT: What kind of flashlight do you
23 have?
24 JOHN RAMSEY: Well we've got several, I guess.
25 One that, I believe, came up as an item was this
 1 MAG light flashlight. If it's the one I think it
 2 is, my son gave me that for a Christmas present a
 3 year or two ago. And that was probably in the bar.
 4 The bar drawer was typically where it was kept.
 5 LOU SMIT: You don't remember getting that?
 6 JOHN RAMSEY: No. I know I did not get it.
 7 LOU SMIT: Anyone else get it?
 8 JOHN RAMSEY: Not that I recall. I don't even
 9 know it worked. Typically our flashlights didn't
10 work because we needed new batteries (INAUDIBLE).
11 We might have a few blown flashlights around.
10 Q. (By Mr. Levin) Mr. Ramsey, I know
11 that you were asked questions about a black
12 metal flashlight that was found in the house.
13 We have developed, since '98, some
14 information about that flashlight I would
15 like to ask you just a little bit about.
16 Is that the flashlight that you
17 habitually used, say for example, if your
18 power went out and you had candles lit in
19 your house? Do you know?
20 A. Not necessarily. And I don't
21 know that that was my flashlight. The
22 picture I saw, and I think I commented at
23 the time, was that that one was very dirty.
24 My flashlight, while it looked to be the
25 same size, mine was clean. And my son gave
1 it to me for a present. So that was the
2 issue that I saw. It kind of looks like
3 mine, but it's certainly filthy.
4 Q. May not be?
5 A. Yeah.
6 Q. Let's talk about, I want to ask
7 this so it is clear for you. The flashlight
8 your son gave you, whether the light in the
9 picture is that or not, but that flashlight,
10 the one you received as a gift from your
11 son, was that the light that, if you had
12 power failures, routinely, that is the first
13 thing you would grab?
14 A. No, not necessarily.

2000 Atlanta interview

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