caret use indicates college grad
In the ransom note, the author wrote that the men watching JonBenet  "do particularly like you" - - then decided to add the word "not".  They put the letter "v" between the first two words and over that wrote "not".   

BORG would have us all believe that the use of a caret proves Patsy wrote the note because only she, a journalism major, would know how to use that caret.  BS - - I was taught how to use a caret - - so was every other public school student who was born in the 50's.  including Patsy.

The interesting thing, IMO, is that I was taught to have the point going to the word to be added, not to the place it was to be put.  

The is what I found online.

[/url]Usage of the Caret Symbol in English Language and Punctuation
If you invert the letter[b] ‘v’[/b] you will obtain a figure like this[b] ‘^’ [/b]which is called as the caret symbol. [b]‘Caret’[/b] is a word from Latin and it literally means[i] ‘to lack something; or to be separated.’[/i] The word is pronounced exactly the way we pronounce the word [b]‘carrot’ [/b]regularly. This peculiar [url=]character
is extensively found on every keyboard in our contemporary world, but, have you wondered what the use of this caret symbol is?
Well, let’s find out today!
How to Use the Caret Symbol in English Language?
For Proofreading
Initially, this mark originated to be a symbol for proofreaders who wanted to point out mistakes in a text by inserting this mark within the space between the words and insert the particular word or punctuation that was felt needed. For instance, The Sentence
[i]“My father holding the camera, when the light suddenly went out”[/i] will be corrected by a proof reader as follows:
[i]“My father ^was holding the camera, when the light suddenly went out.”[/i]
Thus, if you want to [b]insert something in your text[/b], you can easily utilize this figure within your writing.

The ransom note has the caret upside down.  So much for the BORG evidence against Patsy on that count.

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