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Police also have long sought the match to a still-unidentified palm print found somewhere in the house. More significant yet is the imprint of a Hi-Tec boot found in the same room where JonBenét's body was found.
And despite the Ramseys' initial report to police that all their doors and windows had been locked Christmas night, subsequent investigation revealed one unlocked door and a half-dozen unlatched windows.
For these reasons and because of his own faith in his neighbors, Joe Barnhill is firm in his opinion of the Ramseys.
"I've never thought the parents did it and I still can't believe they did," Barnhill said.
 12/26/1998 news story in BDR
Another indication that the grand jury still has work to do came Thursday, as Fox News reported that investigators — as late as Wednesday — continued to collect DNA from acquaintances of JonBenét's parents.
Unmatched DNA beneath the slain 6-year-old's fingernails and inside her underwear has long stumped detectives. The genetic material does not match the girl's parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, whom police have said are under suspicion in their daughter's murder.

5/7/1999 BDR

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