Sept. 26, 1997 - more on dream team, no conflict of interest
Sept. 26, 1997 - Ramsey Update #55
September 26, 1997
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No Ethical Problem or Conflict of Interest Issues
Involving Outside Attorneys
Police Chief Koby Clears Up
Misstatements in News Coverage
(Ramsey Update #55)
Because of blatant misstatements contained in recent news media coverage, Boulder Police Chief Tom Koby feels compelled to clear up what appears to be much confusion regarding the three outside attorneys asked by the Boulder Police to serve as counsel to them regarding their work on the Ramsey case.
As stated in the Boulder Police Department’s news release (Attached) on August 1, 1997, these three individuals (Richard N. Baer, of Sherman & Howard, L.L.C.; Daniel S. Hoffman, of McKenna & Cunio; and Robert N. Miller of LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, L.L.P.) Were approached by the Boulder Police Department. According to Chief Koby, “These three attorneys were asked by our Department if they would be interested in counseling members of our team. As a result, all three have worked diligently with us over the past several months.”
After being invited to participate, a meeting to discuss their assistance was held at the Police Department. In attendance at that meeting was Chief Koby, Commander Eller and the entire Police team investigating the JonBenet Ramsey murder.
At that meeting, Mr. Miller and Mr. Hoffman opened by making a full disclosure to everyone present about their relationships with the law firm of Haddon, Morgan & Foreman . Not a single member of the Police team believed that relationship presented any ethical problems or conflicts of interest. “Indeed, the investigating team was pleased and excited about having the assistance of three such highly qualified and experienced lawyers. There were no surprises.” said Koby.
As the Boulder City Attorney was later drafting a formal letter for the arrangement, the relationship between the attorneys and the Haddon law firm was once again fully disclosed. He did not believe there was any conflict of interest.
According to Koby, “During the last two months, these three extremely competent lawyers have provided a great deal of time and valuable advice and counsel to the Ramsey investigation team -and on a voluntary, pro bono basis.”
“Instead of criticism, these three talented professionals deserve praise for their commitment to the community and their civic contribution.”
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