responding to email 3/29/2019
The tape was found on her body by John - he took it off.  It was handled by Fleet White then left in the basement.  It was taken to an FBI lab who determined that the tape was made by Shurtape and after that Boulder sent Steve Thomas and Ron Gosage to the Shurtape factory in Hickory.  There they were told it was manufactured in November of 1996, they could tell because every time the fabric or adhesive is changed it has to be recorded and the combination of the crime tape was a very short run.  It was made in November.  Police knew all that before Easter of 1997.

Since the taped matched nothing in the Ramsey house and there was no evidence that the FAMILY bought it - - Thomas and his friends saw no reason to follow that lead any further.  I disagree and hope to push the issue a bit.  I think police may need to follow the lead to completion now if only to avoid embarrassment later if this ever went to trial they wouldn't want to have to admit they just... didn't.

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