Linda Arndt - JDI
21 Q. Prior to his coming up the stairs holding

22 the body of JonBenet, did you have any suspicions that

23 he might have been involved in the murder of JonBenet

24 as opposed to the fact that it appeared to be a

25 kidnapping at that time?

Page 119


1 A. No.

2 Q. When you saw him coming up with the body of

3 JonBenet, did you then go back to your recollections of

4 his demeanor earlier that morning and say these things

5 are starting to fit together as his being the murderer?

6 A. I can only tell you that at that point,

7 everything made sense that didn't make sense before.

8 Q. What was it about seeing him carry the body

9 that seemed to make sense to you that he was the

10 murderer?

11 A. It was an accumulation of -

12 Q. I can't understand you. You say you see

13 him carrying the body and now it makes sense. I just

14 can't understand where you're coming from there. If

15 you can, just explain what makes sense and why

16 specifically.

17 A. No forced entry; no tracks; no breaking in

18 the house; no sounds heard during the night; he's the

19 last one to see her; behaviors by him; between he and

20 his wife; by others; the ransom note in and of itself.

21 I can't list the whole, all of the information.

22 Q. The fact that he was able to go right down

23 in the basement and find the body and bring her up, is

24 that a part of it?

25 A. How he carried her was part of it.

Page 120


1 Q. And describe that.

2 A. Her head above his head, so he didn't see

3 her head, her face.

4 Q. Can you demonstrate how he was holding her?

5 A. (indicating)

6 Q. So you kind of have your hands together out

7 in front of you, and he kind of had her in a bear hug,

8 is that it, for a lack of any better description? If

9 you were going to go up and hug somebody, that's the

10 way he had his arms around her?

11 A. No.

12 Q. How would you describe - I'm trying to

13 describe for the record.

14 A. Arms - he had his arms around her upper

15 legs. He carried her kind of up and away from his

16 body.

17 Q. Just so I can get a proper positioning of

18 her body vis-a-vis his, would her navel have been

19 around his face area the way he was carrying her?

20 A. I'm more focused on her head.

21 Q. How far above his head was her head?

22 A. Above.

23 Q. How far above?

24 A. Above.

25 Q. Were her shoulders above his head?

Page 121


1 A. I don't remember.

2 Q. And so I understood from your report he was

3 carrying her in a fashion where she was facing him.

4 A. Correct.

5 Q. And to you, that was most unusual?

6 A. Yes.

7 Q. And tell me why.

8 A. It was unusual that she was - it was clear

9 she was dead. It was unusual that, for me, for a

10 father to carry his child that way.

11 Q. How would you have expected him to be

12 carrying his child under those circumstances?

13 A. I don't know.

14 Q. You don't know other than it shouldn't have

15 been that way?

16 A. I'm not saying it should or shouldn't have

17 been. I'm just saying it was unusual.

18 Q. You had concern about your personal safety

19 as it related to John Ramsey that day?

20 A. The 26th?

21 Q. Yes.

22 A. After JonBenet came up the stairs, yes.

23 Q. And your concern was that you thought John

24 Ramsey had the potential to cause you personal harm?

25 A. I didn't know what John Ramsey's reaction

Page 122


1 or behavior would be.

2 MR. HALABY: Just informing you Judge

3 Bolin is not available until after 2:00 p.m. today. He

4 is in Colorado Springs doing a criminal docket this

5 morning. This is as related by his secretary, Miss

6 Freitag. So I guess we'll have to bring that up

7 another day.

8 MR. JONES: All right.

9 Q. (BY MR. HALABY) But you have been quoted,

10 have you not, as saying you feared for your safety when

11 you were in the presence of John Ramsey at that time?

12 A. I may have been quoted, but I didn't say

13 that.

14 Q. And you didn't feel that?

15 A. That's not what I said.

16 Q. Well, did you feel that?

17 A. I didn't know what John Ramsey was going to

18 do.

19 Q. And you thought because you didn't know,

20 there was a potential he could harm you?

21 A. I thought more about the other people.

22 Q. Well, didn't you count the rounds in your

23 weapon?

24 A. I did.

25 Q. And you'd counted the rounds in your weapon

Page 123


1 because you wanted to know whether or not you had

2 enough ammunition to defend yourself if you had to in

3 the Ramsey home?

4 A. Are you telling me what I thought?

5 Q. I'm asking you if that's what you thought.

6 A. Oh, it was an officer's safety thought.

7 Q. So an officer's safety thought. An officer

8 counts his rounds to make sure there is enough

9 ammunition to defend one's self if necessary?

10 A. Sure.

11 Q. So the natural import of that is you were

12 prepared to use your weapon on John Ramsey if your

13 suspicions became true that he'd become a threat to

14 you; is that correct?

15 A. What was that again?

16 Q. You wanted - you were prepared to use your

17 weapon in case your suspicions became fact and he

18 became a threat to you; is that correct?

19 A. I was prepared to defend the rest of the

20 people in that home.

21 Q. With the use of your weapon?

22 A. If need be.

23 Q. Okay. So this concern was not only for

24 your personal safety but the safety of others in that

25 house?

Page 124


1 A. The concern was first and foremost for

2 everyone in the house.

3 Q. So you didn't feel personally threatened by

4 John Ramsey; is that correct?

5 A. I felt concerned for everyone's safety,

6 including mine.

7 Q. So did you - well, I'm trying to get a

8 direct answer. My simple question just deals with you,

9 not everybody else. As to you, you felt concerned for

10 your personal safety as it related to John Ramsey,

11 correct?

12 A. I felt there was a threat to my -

13 Q. From John Ramsey?

14 A. Yes.

15 Q. To your personal safety?

16 A. At that moment, yes.

17 Q. As he was coming up the stairs?

18 A. No.

19 Q. Which moment?

20 A. As we were both bending over the body and

21 he was closest to my gun.

22 Q. What, under those circumstances, would

23 cause you to believe that he was a threat to your

24 personal safety, John Ramsey was a threat to your

25 personal safety?

Page 125


1 A. I was alone in the house with a man who,

2 whose daughter was murdered. I believed it was him,

3 and I didn't know how he was going to react.

4 Q. Did what you perceived to be the look in

5 his eyes have anything to do with this?

6 A. What are you referring to?

7 Q. I'm just asking you a question. You

8 observed his eyes, did you not?

9 A. Uh-huh.

10 Q. Was there anything in the look in his eyes

11 that added to this sense of threat from him?

12 A. At one point, yes.

13 Q. And what was that?

14 A. At the same time we were bending over both

15 on the floor next to JonBenet.

16 Q. How close was your face to his at that

17 point?

18 A. Inches.

19 Q. Did he ever say anything to you that

20 appeared to be consistent with a threat to your safety?

21 A. No.

22 Q. Did he make any overt act that you

23 translated as being a threat to your safety?

24 A. No.

25 Q. Did you have this concern for your personal

Page 126


1 safety regarding John's conduct after that moment?

2 A. I know that the threat was immediate.

3 Q. But did it last throughout the day?

4 A. No.

5 Q. Was it just for the moment?

6 A. It was in that moment.

7 Q. And it only lasted for that moment; is that

8 correct?

9 A. I can tell you that I remember that moment

10 clearly.

11 Q. And you can't remember it continuing after

12 that moment; is that correct?

13 A. The immediate threat had passed.

14 Q. All right. So can you recall whether or not

15 you felt in the least bit threatened by John Ramsey

16 after that moment?

17 A. That day?

18 Q. Yes.

19 A. Indirectly, yes.

20 Q. In what way?

21 A. Eller.

22 Q. Tell me about that.

23 A. Eller had said that I was a key witness in

24 the case and I knew information no one else knew and I

25 had to be careful and take a different route home every

Page 127


1 day, people would be, I should be extra careful and

2 people would be willing to kill me.

3 Q. When did he tell you that?

4 A. Well, within the first week.

5 Q. But that day, did you have any further

6 concern about your personal safety as it related to

7 John Ramsey after that moment had passed?

8 A. After people showed up, no. After other

9 cops showed up, no.

10 Q. How much time elapsed between the time of

11 that moment and when other cops showed up?

12 A. Twenty, 25 minutes.

13 Q. What means did you take to protect yourself

14 from John Ramsey during that 20 to 25 minutes?

15 A. I took command of the scene, the air of

16 authority.

17 Q. Did you ever pull your weapon?

18 A. No.
Ok - that shows she thought John Bennett Ramsey killed his daughter, but her theory has never been explained very fully.

I wanted to make sure I could point to a source before I posted more - and I have found the source. Linda Arndt sued the city of Boulder for hurting her reputation and I have her deposition from that cae. On page 43, she makes very clear that she believed this was a case that included incest - that John had been having sexual relations with JonBenet and in the end, Patsy helped with the cover up.

So that was her theory.

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