swiss army knives
interview with Detective Dan Schuler):
SCHULER: [i]You have two knives?[/i]
BURKE: [i]I have one that says my name on it – it has Switzerland on it.[/i]
SCHULER: [i]Uh-huh.[/i]
BURKE: [i]That one has a big knife, small knife, saw, corkscrew, screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, toothpick and tweezers. And I think that’s it. And then I have another one that has a saw, scissors, it’s got this little hook thing [b]that you tie knots better with[/b]. Um, I said saw? A cork opener.[/i]
SCHULER: [i]Both of those Swiss Army knives?[/i]
BURKE: [i]One knife is smaller.[/i]
SCHULER: [i]Where do you normally keep those? In your scouting stuff?[/i]
BURKE: [i]I think I like (inaudible) and I have a little place for them in my room.[/i]
SCHULER: [i]Did you take them both camping with you?[/i]
BURKE: [i]I just took the —[/i]
SCHULER: [i]The one with your name on it?[/i]
BURKE: [i]No.[/i]
SCHULER: [i]Oh, okay. So somebody must have given you that one, for a special occasion?[/i]
BURKE: [i]My mom.[/i]
[b]7. INTERROGATION/Confirmation [December 11, 2001 Patsy Ramsey Deposition Wolf vs Ramsey][/b]
HOFFMAN: [i]One of the most controversial pieces of evidence is a red Boy Scout knife or a whittling knife. I don’t know if it is a Swiss Army knife. Do you know whether or not Burke owned a red knife at any time?[/i]
PATSY: [i]He had a couple of them.[/i]
HOFFMAN: [i]He had more than one?[/i]
PATSY:  [i]I believe so.[/i]
HOFFMAN:  [i]Do you know if he had more than one at one time?[/i]
PATSY:  [i]Yes.[/i]
Ramsey housekeeper doubts intruder theory

Pocket knife hidden in cupboard found near JonBenét's body

Associated Press

A former housekeeper for JonBenét Ramsey's parents believes the location of a pocket knife found by police casts doubt on the theory that the girl was killed by an intruder.
A knife that Linda Hoffman-Pugh kept hidden in a cupboard on the second level of the home was found by police in the basement, where JonBenét's body was discovered.
But Hoffman-Pugh does not believe an intruder could have found it in the cupboard and left it downstairs.
"That (knife) showed up where JonBenét was," she said. "I would stake my life that an intruder wouldn't know to get that out of the cupboard. Someone took that knife out of the cupboard where I put it."
One detective who worked on the case and was familiar with Hoffman-Pugh's theory said it has merit.
"I think it's a legitimate area of concern that she has pointed out," the unnamed detective told the Denver Rocky Mountain News.
Hoffman-Pugh said she does not know who killed JonBenét, 6, whose body was found in the basement of the family's home Dec. 26, 1996.
Hoffman-Pugh said JonBenét's brother, Burke, who was 9 when his sister was killed, used to wander around the house whittling with his Swiss Army knife and leaving wood shavings behind. She said she threatened to take the knife away unless he cleaned up his act. He didn't, and about a month before the JonBenét's slaying, she took away the knife and put it in a cupboard over a sink near JonBenét's room.
Hoffman-Pugh said she did not tell JonBenét's parents where she put the knife.
A list of items removed from the house after a 10-day police search included a red pocket knife that was found by a detective on a countertop down a corridor from the small room where JonBenét's body was found.
Police have not disclosed whether they believe the pocket knife was used in the crime. However, the lengths of nylon cord used in the garrote and those found around the girl's wrists would have been cut into sections with a sharp instrument.
There have been no arrests in JonBenét's slaying, which is being investigated by a Boulder County grand jury. John and Patsy Ramsey remain under suspicion, but their son Burke, now 12, has been cleared.

August 3, 1999

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