T. Cowen on NK's childhood
Southern California

Nancy Krebs’ appalling childhood

Fleet White was born in 1913. In High school, Fleet White became friends with a classmate named Gordon Christoff. Soon each boy discovered that his friend was attracted to little girls. 

After high school, Fleet went to college. He was strong, good looking, and athletic. He sang well and had a good personality. After college, he started a business selling lubricants and invested his money in drilling for oil. He became a part owner in a very successful well in Riverside, California. If Fleet lived near you, you would be proud to have him as a member of your community. 

As with most men, Fleet liked girls. However, the problem for many young girls was that their age didn’t matter to Fleet. Fleet met and formed friendships with other men that had a similar interest in little girls. Fleet and his friends sexually abused children on a regular basis. Authorities never arrested them and they were never prosecuted, except for one—Mackey Boykin. He was able to make a plea bargain and served ten months in jail.

Fleet’s high school friend, Gordon Christoff, married Alyce and they had a daughter named Gwen. The Christoff’s asked Fleet White to be Gwen’s godfather. He accepted. Gwen grew up and in 1960; Gwen married Don Krebs. The Krebs had a daughter in 1962 and named her Nancy.

In 1966, Gordon became upset when he found Fleet fondling his granddaughter. A violent argument ensued. During this intense verbal argument, Gordon clutched his hands to his chest and died of a massive heart attack. 

After Gordon’s death, Alyce married Albert Sprague. Fleet became friends with Albert and both men shared an attraction for Nancy.

When Nancy’s father, Don Krebs, discovered that his wife was having extramarital affairs, he divorced Gwen. After the divorce, Gwen married Tom Boykin. Gwen, Nancy, and Nancy’s little sister moved into the Boykin family's trailer. 

The Boykins slept in a bedroom at one end of the trailer and the newlywed couple, Gwen and Tom, slept in a bedroom at the other end of the trailer. Nancy, her sister, and several older Boykin boys slept in the living room in the middle of the trailer. They were living in poverty.

Tom’s brother was Mackey Boykin. Mackey loved little girls and he was good with a garrote. Fleet, Albert, Tom, and Mackey became friends. To a different degree, each one was attracted to Nancy Krebs

Tom and Gwen started receiving financial support from Fleet White. Without protest from Nancy’s mother and stepfather, Fleet, Albert, and Mackey started fondling Nancy. Soon their fondling turned into having intercourse. Sometimes Nancy’s mother, stepfather, and grandmother would watch as the men had sex with her. Fleet's money and the men’s sexual contact with Nancy lasted for over a decade. As Nancy grew older and more rebellious, her mother gave Nancy drugs to gain her cooperation. As long as Nancy was available for sex, the money kept flowing.

Mackey became an expert at using a garrote. He would use the garrote to create a mild state of oxygen deprivation in a victim’s brain. When the brain is mildly oxygen starved, the body becomes very sensitive to sexual stimulation. Sexual stimulation while the brain is oxygen deprived gives an intense orgasm. Erotic asphyxiation is more pleasurable and habit forming than cocaine.

For centuries, people have been using various choking techniques to create a mild state of oxygen starvation. The garrote in the hands of a skilled practitioner can precisely control the amount of blood reaching the brain. Correctly using the garrote along with sexual stimulation can give an intense orgasm. Nancy said, “There was a reason that they did that and that was because they wanted me to be excited in the sexual way”. Nancy was sexually stimulated and aroused. Despite her age, she had an intense orgasm. 

Fleet had an adult son that lived in Boulder, Colorado. John Ramsey and Fleet Jr. were best friends.

In 1990, Nancy sought help to overcome her fear and mistrust of people. After ten years of rape victim counseling, Nancy's therapist saw a program on JonBenét's murder. The therapist was able to determine that the man Nancy had been telling her about and the Fleet in the Ramsey case were father and son. The therapist talked Nancy into going to the Boulder police.

The police interviewed Nancy and she was unable to recall the exact dates or locations of the abuse that occurred in her childhood. She would make an unreliable witness. The police determined that the abuse in California was unrelated to the murder in Colorado. Nancy's story eventually leaked to the newspapers. People called her a publicity hound. Others said she was a diseased drug addict and a liar. The public tossed her away like an old newspaper.

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