John Douglas mentions GJ testimony
.I interviewed John and Patsy and did sound tests at their home. John and Patsy's bedroom was basically a finished attic. You couldn't even hear anything from the second floor where the children slept. JonBenet as you know was found two floors below that in the basement . Going into the case I also looked at the family as suspects. That's where you always first look. The defense asked me for help but they didn't sway me or pay me to come up with an analysis that would eliminate John and Patsy. They said they didn't know if they were guilty or not but they thought they had nothing to do with the crime. In the back of my mind before I did anything I thought there was a strong possibility that they were culpable.
I've done so many cases in my life that I knew very quickly that the Ramsey's were innocent. If you've ever been to a doctor for an injury or illness they are profiling you and hopefully will come up with what ails you or the extent of your injuries and how you should be treated. I don't know about you but from my experience doctors are like any other profession. Some are exceptional and others not so. I told the the Boulder PD what I thought but they were not happy that I was helping in their minds potential killers. I told them not to take my word for it and to contact my old unit. Apparently they did but according to Lou Smit one of the profilers said he would turn in his FBI credentials if the Ramsey's were innocent. Well he was wrong and this small town PD with 1-2 homicides a year took this agents comments very seriously. I secretly testified before the grand jury and read my notes from the analysis I did. Secretly...I was told to duck down when I was driven into the courthouse garage. They didn't want the media to see me going in. I told the grand jury from my notes that I was told there is DNA evidence. i read that if there was DNA evidence that it would not be semen but rather saliva. Why? Because this was not a sex crime. It was what I call in the Crime Classification Manual (CCM) as a personal cause homicide. It turns out that the DNA was saliva. I was told that they have "evidence" and I said if you have evidence why am I here...go with your evidence.
If I believed the Ramsey's were responsible I would have said that in my analysis. I'm not a hired gun whether working for the prosecution or the defense. Unfortunately the police made several major mistakes and let a theory drive an investigation rather then evidence.

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