Steve Thomas' stretttcccccchhhhhhh
page 136 in his paperback. tells the story of how the link can be made between Patsy and the tape sold at McGuckin's Hardware store.

"The manager showed us where black duct tape was sold in the paint department and explained that purchases were not listed as specific items on  receipts.  Instead the computer logged them in according to the sections from which they came, and during rush times like holidays, harried cashiers sometimes hit the wrong computer key and credited an item by mistake to an adjacent department. The paint department was next to the builder's hardware department.  Among the items on Patsy's December 9 receipt was an item from builder's hardware.  The price was $1.99.  On the Dec. 2 slip, there was an item from the garden department.  It was $1.99.  Duct tape also sold for $1.99.  We had no way of knowing what she bought."
This case has been plagued from the beginning by "square-peg-into-round-hole" problems.

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