JonBenet memories

JonBenet was always ready to entertain. After dinner, she and her best friend, Daphne, would put on a show for their parents after dinner, complete with costumes and an introduction. Their favorite song to perform together was “Wouldn’t It Be Lovely” from My Fair Lady.

If the adults started talking while they were performing, they would stop, put their hands on their hips, and give us a disgusted look. Then they would begin all over again.

JonBenet began Kindergarten in the fall of 1996. She took to school like a bird takes to air. JonBenet enjoyed spending the day learning about new things and playing with her friends. The subject she had excelled the most in was math, and during the first semester JonBenet was moved up to a first grade level.
One day, while Patsy was feeling ill from her chemotherapy treatments, a friend of hers offered to take watch JonBenet for a little while so Patsy could take a nap. She had a three year old daughter, the same age as JonBenet, and thought the girls would have a great time on a play date. The three decided to go to the movie theater to watch Snow White. Both girls were enjoying the movie, at least up until the evil witch showed up. JonBenet and her friend became terribly frightened. They hopped out of their seats, and climbed onto their caregiver’s lap, where they remained huddled together until the end of the movie.

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