JonBenet memories
During the last months of her life, JonBenet had discovered a new interest in rock climbing after joining her brother, Burke, for a lesson at the local recreation center. Once they returned home Burke told John, “Dad, JonBenet is good at rock climbing! She’s like a spider!”

JonBenet was signed up to start her lessons in January, 1997.
After her death, JonBenet’s Kindergarten teacher sent a letter of condolence to the Ramsey family. She wrote, “As I look back on our time together, I realize that JonBenet was the teacher and I was the student. I learned so much from her example of making compassion and caring for others a part of life. Thank you, JonBenet, for teaching me that we don’t have to wait to be in heaven to be angels. We can be angels in this life by how we live every day.”
In 1996 the “Macarena” was all the rage, and one of JonBenet Ramsey’s favorite songs. After learning the dance during camp, she was determined to teach it to all of her family and friends. Her most favorite person to teach, or at least try to teach, was her dad, John Ramsey. It would take some convincing, but in the end John would always give up. Each time JonBenet fall into a fit of giggles as she watched uncoordinated father struggle through the moves.
    Tied with Christmas, one of JonBenet’s favorite holidays to celebrate was Valentine’s Day. For her last Valentine’s Day, Patsy and JonBenet went out and bought sweatshirt dresses to create their own, fun holiday outfits. They decorated with puffy paint, felt hearts, and lace. JonBenet had written “I love you” on hers.
Michael Archuleta, the Ramsey family’s pilot and occasional babysitter, was watching JonBenet and Burke one evening while the parents went out to dinner. To help pass the time, Michael put on a movie for them to watch, but JonBenet quickly became bored and disappeared upstairs to play with her dolls.
When she came back downstairs JonBenet told Michael that she could not find her jolly rancher candies.
“Can you help me find them?”
“Ok,” Michael replied. “Where did they go?”
“I think I put them down the laundry chute where we’re supposed to put the dirty clothes.”
The two went down into the basement of the Charlevoix house to sort through the hamper of dirty laundry. Soon they started pulling out the colorful candies and began to set them in a pile on the floor.
Twenty years later, Michael and his wife, Pam, still laugh at this memory whenever they see Jolly Ranchers.
Linda Hoffman-Paugh, the last housekeeper of the Ramsey’s Boulder home, remembers JonBenet as a typical, sweet girl with an independent spirit. As it is with every child, though, that independent spirit was not always endearing. Sometimes she could be just plain bratty.
“Just go away and leave me alone,” JonBenet had said once when Linda tried to help with her boots.
“No, you don’t answer the door,” she would say when someone went to open it during luncheons.
“I see her in jeans and a t-shirt with her hair kind of scruffy. Just being a kid. She could climb a tree faster than any boy in the neighborhood.” - John Ramsey
Before her preschool class started for the day, JonBenet would spend time at her father’s office. John considered himself fortunate to work so close ot the school. It gave them some extra time to spend as father and daughter. John would let her go through his desk, making a game out of whatever she could find. They would talk about anything JonBenet wanted; the day that lay ahead, what she had been learning in school, or her famly in friends.
When it came time to go to school, John and JonBenet would walk down the block, hand in hand, with JonBenet still happily chattering along the way. As soon as they reached the school grounds, JonBenet would break away and run to meet up with her friends, sometimes without saying goodbye. It would hurt a little, John would admit, but his daughter’s boundless enthusasim could always make him smile.
A teacher at High Peaks Elementary school said once when she saw JonBenet walking down the hall “she gave me a wide smile, a bear hug and she stuck like glue and we walked down the hall together, her feet on my feet and arms around my middle, muddling long”.

JonBenet was always ready to entertain. After dinner, she and her best friend, Daphne, would put on a show for their parents after dinner, complete with costumes and an introduction. Their favorite song to perform together was “Wouldn’t It Be Lovely” from My Fair Lady.

If the adults started talking while they were performing, they would stop, put their hands on their hips, and give us a disgusted look. Then they would begin all over again.

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