I wonder what Daphne thinks now.  I am sorry she had to deal with any of this.
A video clip of Daphne White speaking (beginning at 2:27) to the Boulder City Council in December, 2014.  She, along with her parents and older brother, spoke regarding the allegations by Nancy Krebbs.  She states that JonBenet was her best friend when they were children.

Just fyi

Approximately a year before the murder of JonBenet, Daphne White was missing for about 45 minutes when the parents called police. The Ramseys were called and went to the White house as well.

The house was searched and Daphne was found - - and this is a quote from Fleet - "curled up in a ball" under her bed.

Don't know why she was there, if she was sleeping, hiding, scared just no idea. I suspect she just went there like it was a "fort" and fell asleep. No one has ever found any reason to think she was ever neglected, abused, hurt, upset.

I have repeatedly defended this family and will continue to do so as I believe they were victimized in many ways over the years. Including by the BPD who mislead them in the early days and caused all kinds of problems by doing so.

In the end, I think we have to look at the White family now to see some truths. There are theories related to the White family that says they were guilty of some sick stuff. I look at a handsome Fleet III and a beautiful Daphne, both articulate and strong people who have been away from home in military schools.... if they had been neglected or abuse in any way, I don't think they would be the close family I saw in that video. A childhood friend died and I think if they knew who did it, they would not protect the killer. JMO, but I am sharing it.

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