Patsy answering questions.
TT: On the pageants a little bit, about how many pageants was JonBenet in?
PR: Ah, I was trying to think of that the other night. The best I can remember, about eight or ten, total I think. I mean, we, you know, it wasn’t, I mean we, it was just last year about this time that we were getting all of our clothes together.
TT: So she just started…
PR: It wasn’t, she had done a little in Charlevoix when she was 4, and she was, that would have been the summer before last. And then we did one, and we really, I don’t think, oh let’s see she did one, we just started in the spring I think, because I just started learning about these in Colorado like in March of last year.
TT: OK. In going to these eight or ten pageants, you notice anybody that was, and not only just towards JonBenet, but in general, notice anybody that was odd or out of the ordinary, anybody like that?
PR: Well, they were, I mean it was just pageants and things of the (inaudible). I mean I never noticed anybody, cause some of the same people sort of showed up at all of them.
TT: (Inaudible) the circuit or whatever?
PR: Right. I mean they were sponsored by different people, buy, you know, generally sort of the same girls went to these, and just, you know, parents. John didn’t go to all of them because he kind of take, it was a Sunday afternoon kind of thing. She and I would go do that, and he and Burke would go fly or something, and maybe they’d come toward the end and watch the crowning, you know. But it really wasn’t too much of a dad thing, but there were, you know, some dads there.
TT: No one though that as being kind of odd or out of place or…
PR: No, no.
from documentary JonBenet's America

Kurtis - It was when Patsy Ramsey had cancer that something happened that would come to haunt them. The organizers of the Miss West Virginia Beauty Pageant held a reunion for past contestants.
PR: Our whole family went. My sister had been Miss West Virginia. My parents knew a lot of the parents from 20 years ago. It was a big reunion kind of thing. We all brought out children. JonBenét was three and a half, three years old, probably. She was just enamored with it. I mean here was Mommy up on stage, dancing and singing, and the lights and pretty costumes and she was just on the edge of her seat. And after that, time after time she said when can I do that? I want to do something like that.
Kurtis: Soon JonBenét herself was entering children's competitions.

Tracey: It was when she had cancer that Patsy Ramsey made a fateful decision. She renewed her interest in beauty pageants and began entering JonBenet in children's competitions.

JR: She really enjoyed that kind of activity she used to do it at home she would dress up and put on a performance that she and her friends would just cook-up in the kitchen. These pageants were of a way that she could do that in a little more of a formal manner.
Tracey: Popular in parts of the South, much of the rest of America sees these pageants as tacky, even & exploitative - but the Ramseys defend them.

PR: I mean, all the children there had the same penchant for performance and the pageants were kind of a venue for that. All the parents knew each other.
JR: The audience was just parents and grandparents.
PR: Just parents and grandparents, you know - it was fun and she looked forward to it. We just had a really fun time.

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