ST: . . .but was there any reason you couldn’t or John could not have retrieve the key from the Barnhills at that time to get in rather than breaking the window?
PR: He, he may not have know they had a key.ST: Do you remember on the night of the 25th, when you and John came home, what the lockup procedure, the security procedure for the house that night was?
PR: No, I don’t.
ST: Concerning keys to the house Patsy uh, and access to the house, outside of John Andrew being in Boulder, were there another keys outstanding other than John Andrew’s and the Barnhills?
PR: Uh, my dad had a key. Um . . .
ST: Had that been accounted for?
PR: Has that been accounted for?
ST: Does Don Paugh still have that key.
PR: I don’t know. Um. . .
ST: Had anybody asked Don Paugh if he still has that key.
PR: (Coughing, response unknown) Excuse me. Uh, my cleaning lady had a key, Linda. The Barnhills I believe actually gave two keys, because I had given her one and she couldn’t find it. I think I gave them another one? Uh, Barbara Fernie had one at one time, I’m not sure. I think I might have gotten that back from her. Pricilla had one I believe. Uh . . .
ST: Does Pricilla still have that key?
PR: I don’t know. I can’t remember. It seems like I gave it to her before we went to the lake, because she was going to have a lot of house guest and I thought if she wanted to, you know, use the house for any reason she could have the key.
ST: What is the status of the key or keys that you gave the Barnhills?
PR: The status right now?
ST: Yeah. Have you gotten those back?
PR: I haven’t, no, I don’t know where they are. I don’t know what the status is of those?
ST: Would it be inaccurate if the Barnhills were saying that they returned the key to you? Could that be possible?
PR: Um, it could be possible I guess. I don’t remember, and I think, I think I gave it to them and the intent was if I got, anybody got locked out of the house they would have a key. So I don’t, I mean, it wasn’t like, you know, keep this for two days and then give it back to me or something, you know.
ST: And as some point we’ll come, uh, uh, Tom has some questions for you about when John had to break in that basement window . . .
PR: Right.
ST: . . .but was there any reason you couldn’t or John could not have retrieve the key from the...

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