TT:   Okay. What about some of JonBenet’s playmates? She had some in school?
PR:  School mostly, yeah. Well, pre-school, Quinn Hasley was one of her best little girlfriends.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  And uh, Daphne White.
TT:  Um hum. Did they all go to the same pre-school?
PR:  Yeah.
TT:  And that’s . . .
PR:  First Presbyterian.
TT:  Down of 15th and Canyon.
PR:  Right.
TT:  Is that right?
PR:  Um hum, um hum.
TT:  Okay. Okay.
PR:  And uh, then this year in Kindergarten she like little Annie Smart and uh, Megan Kostinick. She liked them.
TT:  Okay. Did these little girls ever come over to you, to your house to play?
PR:  Um hum. Um hum.
TT:  About how often would they come over?
PR:  Oh, about once very couple of weeks maybe or so.
TT:  Okay. JonBenet, she had some jewelry on. Does she normally sleep in her jewelry in her jewelry too. She had a little necklace. . .
PR:  Um hum.
TT:  . . .and a bracelet and stuff . . .
PR:  Um hum.
TT:  …and the necklace, I believe, she got from Paulette?
PR:  Pam.
TT:  Pam.
PR:  For Christmas.
TT:  Okay. (Inaudible)
PR:  I had given her the bracelet the night of our Christmas party.
TT:  Back on the 23rd?
PR:  Um hum.
TT:  Okay. She didn’t over the last day didn’t, hadn’t taken that off at all then?
PR:  I’m not, I don’t believe so.
TT:  Okay. And what about the, the rings that she wears? (Inaudible)
PR:  She had on a little gold ring that my mother had given her.
TT:  That Nedra had given her.
PR:  Um hum.
TT:  Did she normally wear that al the time too?
PR:  Um hum.
TT: Patsy, we’re going to try to go through, try to get through some of these questions the best we can (inaudible). Is JonBenet afraid of the dark, at all?
PR: Uh, not, I don’t I, think so, not that I know.
TT: We talked early, didn’t have the night light thing plugged into the wall, and she normally slept with the bathroom light on, is that right?
PR: Yeah.
TT: Okay. Any reason for sleeping with the bathroom light on, or just, that’s her normal routine?
PR: Just in case she got up in the night, and that she wouldn’t bump into something…
TT: Okay. Was it the overhead lights or did she have…
PR: I have a (inaudible) little lamp in there, in the bathroom.
TT: Did she ever talk about hearing sounds at night that scared her? Or any noised that she would come talk to you guys about that scared her or anything like that?
PR: Not that I know of, no.
TT: How was JonBenet’s health in general?
PR: Good, I’d say good.
TT: Okay. Any major illnesses at all?
PR: Well, when she was little she had, I think the doctor diagnosed it as pneumonia, but we had Finalin drops, kind of stuff that we made a humidifier kind of thing that I held under her nose and…
TT: Was she hospitalized any at all?
PR: No.
TT: Just a quick trip to the office and that was it?
PR: Yeah.
TT: Okay. What about any injuries, any major injuries, any major injuries to JonBenet?
PR: She, Burke hit her in the face with a gulf club one time, and the leg…
TT: Ay stitches or anything like that?
PR: No, it was just kind of a skin abrasion, she had a little scar, a little teensy little scar there, but it just kind of squashed the skin up and something to stitch it. She had a black eye, and…
TT: The 25th, during the day of the 25th, do you recall seeing any injuries on JonBenet? Any scratches, abrasions, cuts, bruises, or anything like that?
PR: I don’t remember, but she was always getting bruised, you know. Kids just, I don’t remember anything.
TT: Nothing major…
PR: Nothing…
TT: Nothing that you would have to use aspirin or ice, or anything like that?
PR: No.
TT: Okay. About how often do you think you took JonBenet down to Dr. Beuf’s office?
PR: Uh, I don’t know. I don’t know exactly, I man she got a cold or sniffle or something and I’d probably run her to the doctor, but…
TT: Okay. And during that time any major complaints, other that colds and sniffles?
PR: No, not that I know of, I mean, I just can’t remember, maybe there is something…
TT: No I’m just like, anything that sticks out of your mind, other than just for the colds.
PR: They had just the cold, and Burke gets strep a lot; he was there a lot with strep.
TT: Okay.
PR: But she…
TT: Did he ever pass it on to JonBenet at all or did she get (inaudible).
PR: She didn’t, she got it, I think one or something. They both had a huge case of chicken pox, and I just…
TT: Pretty much normal childhood diseases.
PR: She would ten to have more respiratory kind of stuff.
TT: And just on this, just a little bit, JonBenet wet the bed every once and awhile?
PR: Yeah.
TT: About how often would that occur?
PR: Oh, maybe once a week or something.
TT: Ok.
PR: If I just didn’t take her to the potty and make her go to the potty before bedtime, she very likely would wet the bed.
TT: Ok. You have any idea about, has this been going on for how long? Any time that she broken and didn’t have any bed wetting problems and then started back up or anything like that.
PR: No, no, she just, I mean I’ve had her in pull-ups until very recently. I kind of thought it might be better, I mean pull-ups and those pamper things are so absorbent, that you can’t you know, the child can’t feel if they’re wet or not. So I thought well it might just be better if she felt wet than being…
TT: (Inaudible)
PR: Yeah. But she had a lot of dry nights, but she would wet the bed probably once a week.
TT: When she wet the bed, would she come up and tell you guys, or would she just crawl onto the other bed, crawl into Burke’s spare bed, what was the routine if she actually wet the bed?
PR: Well, ah, sometimes she would get up and get into the other bed or sometimes she really wouldn’t wake up and until morning when she normally would wake up and maybe she’d change her nightgown or something and I’d find her things and pajamas in the bathroom floors and…
TT: OK. Is this something you guys (inaudible) about at all?
PR: No, cause I mean, all of, Burke wore pull-ups, you know till he was, at night, you know. Till he was fairly old. And Melinda was, we didn’t even have pull-ups back then, she wet the bed till she was, I mean at least when we were married, she was 8 then. So I didn’t see anything, and a lot of our friends, I mean, and Matthew use to wear pull-ups, you know, so …
TT: So, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.
PR: Uh-huh, no.
TT: OK. How did John feel about this, did he have any reason to…
PR: I don’t know if he even knew.
TT: OK. This was something that you took care of?
PR: Uh-huh.
TT: OK. When JonBenet would wet the bed weekly, who took care of the sheets? Is that something Linda had to take care of? How often, I guess, who would even clean the sheets, to be more specific.
PR: Well, she normally changed the beds weekly, but typically, it the, as seen as, you know I, Linda didn’t come in till 9 o’clock But typically, I would strip the bed, you know, put them in the washer or something.
PR: Before she got there.
TT: Do you remember back in ’94, typical doctor’s visit, you fill out all those forms, making some sort of a notation, on one of Dr. Beuf’s forms about bed-wetting and soiling. That was kind of a concern, you remember anything?
PR: No, before was when I was having chemotherapy. I don’t remember. Susanne took them to the doctor a lot then. My housekeeper, a nanny sort of. I don’t remember. I mean if…
TT: Do you recall filling out these so-called, yes/no question type forms back then?
PR: If I saw it I might remember it.
TT: OK. Anyone that you can recall that would show any inappropriate affection towards JonBenet? Anybody out in the pageant circuit, friends, neighbors, anybody like that?
PR: No.
TT: OK. Anything bothering JonBenet? Did she talk about anybody in general or anything that was bothering her at all?
PR: Huh-uh.
TT: Was she afraid of anybody? Anybody that she talked about that she didn’t like, she was afraid of, again, from the neighborhood, family, friends, anybody like that that she talked about being afraid of?
PR: She was a little shy with that Luke next door, I think a little blonde fellow. But he was always just real nice to her. I think she kind of had a little crush on him or something. I mean, I can of, always took him as that. By the was never, he never hugged her or any, we never saw him…
TT: She ever talk about being afraid of Luke or anything like that?
PR: No. She’d just kind of get real shy, I mean this is since she was little, kind of get shy with him or something like that.
TT: JonBenet got a letter from the secret Santa. Do you know who the secret Santa was?
PR: Ah, secret Santa. Where did she get the letter?
TT: I’m not sure that she got the letter.
PR: In school or, they had a secret, I know a secret sister thing at the pageant in the summer time, but I don’t remember it being any secret Santa.
TT: Any secret Santa that she talked about or anything like that?
PR: No. Burke had a little secret something at school around Christmas time, he had to bring a little gift for her, and kept getting it. But I don’t remember any of this secret Santa.
TT: Did he do anything like that in school?
PR: Not that I remember.
TT: But Burke did have a secret Santa?
PR: Burke had a little secret. He was supposed to bring a little gift, I think, little finger gifts, and he forgot, you know. He had some little girl and he forgot about it until the last day. But I don’t remember JonBenet having that.
TT: OK. What kinds of things did JonBenet like to do? What kind of games did she like to play?
PR: She like crafts mostly, like making stuff. Painting, she liked painting. Watch movies and dressed up in makeup and dancing, tap dancing, singing. She got bent on taking violin one time, and I tried to talk her out of it, but she just insisted, so we got a little violin about that big, and she took that for awhile and she decided she didn’t’ want to do that any more.
TT: Did she take anything like craft classes?
PR: Ah, I don’t, I can’t really remember her ever taking any craft classes. She just, we just, I had a drawer full of paper and glue and thing that she liked.
TT: OK. What about painting classes? Take anything like that?
PR: I took painting class this fall, and she would paint with me. Again, we kind of turned our lower kitchen into a little are kind of studio, and she would paint.
TT: OK. For the tape, by the lower kitchen, is that where the sink is right outside by the bathroom there?
PR: That black and white tile from our den.
TT: Back towards the back?
PR: Low, way low. Behind the kitchen and the den.
TT: The bar (inaudible).
PR: There’s a kitchen there.
TT: So, you took painting classes in the fall.
PR: Right.
TT: What kind of classes?
PR: Down at CU
TT: Water color or oil, or…
PR: I think you could do either one, acrylic or oils.
TT: OK. Which did you do?
PR: I started out with oil, but then I changed to acrylic because it got on my car when I (inaudible). It smelled real bad, so I switched.
TT: Do you normally keep the painting supplies in that (inaudible) area where the checkered board stuff is?
PR: Yeah, we had it there for a long time, and then around the holidays, I moved all that to the basement.
PR: Ah, cause we put coat racks and things in there for parties.
TT: OK. What part of the basement do you recall moving the painting supplies to?
PR: I don’t remember. I think Linda took all that own there. I think it was kind of, I don’t remember. (Inaudible) was storing everything, I don’t remember where she put it.
TT: Is that a (inaudible), how much stuff are taking about?
PR: Well, I had a bunch of big canvasses; had a Santa by the lawn, and a big easel, a big tall easel; and then like a white caddy kind of thing, like a plastic thing that I had a bunch of paint in. It would have been a lot of stuff to flip over.
TT: So some place in the basement is where (inaudible) all that?
PR: Yeah.
TT: To see what was available. OK. On one of JonBenet’s (inaudible), you do like a pageant resume, is that right? Or, I don’t know if that resume is the right word.
PR: Like an entry form or something?
TT: Yeah, entry form or something that kind of tell people about, who JonBenet, what her likes are?
PR: Yeah. You write down that, like what’s their hobbies.
TT: Right. And on of those had something about a kitty game, that was her favorite game. You remember what that’s about?
PR: Kitty?
TT: Yeah.
PR: To play kitty. Yeah, she likes to play kitty (inaudible).
TT: Uh.
PR: You don’t like kitty huh. She and Daphne like to, they love kittens. And we had some kittens up at the lake (inaudible). And she and Daphne like to pretend they were kittens. She’s just, they would walk around and they would say, oh there’s a kitty, (inaudible). Let’s go into the pet shop, I think I’ll buy this one.
TT: And that’s the game JonBenet really like or something?
PR: She and Daphne played kitty. They’d walk around on all fours, you know.

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