St. John's Foyer Group
Patsy in interview with Thomas and Trujillo

TT:  Okay. Um, you guys had a, a Foyer Group meeting back on the 13th.
PR:  Right.
TT:  You want kind of . . .
PR:  What is that?
TT:  What is the Foyer Group, yeah.
PR:  The Foyer, it’s a Foyer dinner group from church . . .
TT:  Okay.
PR:  . . .from St. Johns and um, they have small groups , kind of a dinner group assigned and you meet with that group throughout the year, usually like school year.
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  And you have dinner in each others home, but this particular, there are like dinner, individual dinner groups of maybe six to ten that meet in each others homes and then the entire Foyer Dinner Group which is made up several of these smaller groups. . .
TT:  Um hum.
PR:  . . .had a Christmas party at our house, so the entire group was invited.
TT:  (Inaudible) the six to ten of that, six to ten couples or six to ten people?
PR:  People.
TT:  Okay.
PR:  (Inaudible) Might be couples and singles.
TT:  Right. So, about once very six months to ten months you rotate around to another house. Is that, to have dinner. Is that right?
PR:  Right. Well, I think they have, they meet monthly, you know, and like if we’re all in a group we’d go to your house one month and my house one month . . .
TT:  Right.
PR:  . . .or whatever.
TT:  Okay, and so about once a, once every five to six months you have a host of a group of a, a group six to ten people . . .
PR:  At your house, right, uh huh.
TT:  Okay. Now, is this just a dinner group, religious group . . .
PR:  Well, they’re, they all go to St. Johns so their, you know. . .
TT:  It’s not like you sit down and discuss the Bible while your eating dinner or anything like that.
PR:  No, it’s more social. Yeah.
TT:  It’s all social. Okay.
PR:  Yeah, uh huh, yeah.
TT:  About how many people were over at the house on the 13th?
PR:  Oh, you know, 50 or 60 maybe.
TT:  Okay. Quite a few then?
PR:  Yeah.
TT:  How many total, do you have an idea about how many total Foyer Groups there are? Are there about 10 groups then?
PR:  Probably yeah. Well, no. I think there are more than that, but I think, you know, not everybody came.
TT;  Okay.
PR:  I know there are a couple of pages worth, I think. I don’t, I don’t remember ever having counted them exactly.
TT:  Do, do you have a list of the people that were over to the house on the 13th?
PR:  No, but Carolyn Blyley probably does.
TT:  Over at St. Johns?
PR:  Yeah, she’s, she put it together. She just called me and asked me if I would have it at our house and I think, you know, I wouldn’t have to do anything just have my house . . .
TT:  Okay.
PR:  . . .she know I decorate a lot for Christmas and all that.
TT:  So you were just kind of the host house. . .
PR:  Right.
TT:  . . .invite everybody.
PR:  Right. She sent the invitations and all that.
TT:  Okay. Steve.

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