Chronicle of Cooperation
Chronicle of cooperation

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[b]Chronicle of cooperation[/b]
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An appendix to the Ramseys' book is titled A Chronicle of Cooperation, detailing occasions the couple say they cooperated with law enforcement authorities in the investigation.
Boulder police were frustrated during the investigation by what they said was the Ramseys' reluctance to help.
Here is a summary of the Ramseys' A Chronicle of Cooperation:

[*]Boulder police officers interviewed them throughout Dec. 26, 1996, the day JonBenet's body was found.

[*]Police questioned them both Dec. 27 and John again Dec. 28. Officers were with the Ramseys 24 hours a day from 6 a.m. Dec. 26 through 2 p.m. Dec. 29, when the Ramseys left for the funeral in Atlanta.

[*]Police questioned Burke Ramsey on Dec. 26. The conversation was tape-recorded without either parent present and without parental consent. A police psychologist interviewed Burke on Jan. 6. Burke was interviewed again, over three days, in May 1998.

[*]Handwriting samples were given by John (Dec. 26, 28, Jan. 5, 1997); Patsy (Dec. 28, Jan. 4, 1997, Feb. 28, April 12, May 20), and Burke (Dec. 28).

[*]After the Ramseys returned from JonBenet's funeral in Atlanta, their attorneys offered to make them available for a joint interview Jan. 18, 1997. "The police declined this offer and stated in writing that such an interview would not 'be helpful' because 'the time for interviewing John and Patsy as witnesses who could provide critical information that would be helpful in the initial stages of our investigation has passed."'

[*]"The police countered with an offer that the Ramseys come to the police station at 6 p.m. on a Friday night and subject themselves to an open-ended interrogation. That suggestion was rejected, in part because of the written statement above."

[*]"Patsy and John gave hair and blood samples, as well as fingerprints, immediately when the police requested them; so did all other members of the family. In February 1997 both Patsy and John voluntarily gave pubic hair samples."

[*]"Very early in the investigation, the Ramseys offered to let the police search both of their houses, John's office, their cars and his airplane hangar without a search warrant."

[*]"On April 11, 1997, John and Patsy Ramsey, with their attorneys, met with Peter Hofstrom of the DA's office and Tom Wickman of the Boulder Police Department. This meeting was held at Mr. Hofstrom's and Detective Wickman's request. An apology was given for the way the family had been treated. The Ramseys were asked to give additional interviews and continue their previous cooperation. John accepted their apology and agreed to move forward. No conditions were placed on the manner in which the interviews would be conducted."

[*]"On April 12, 1997, the Ramseys also agreed to let authorities search their house again without a warrant; agreed to destructive testing of walls located at their home; agreed to identify Patsy Ramsey's prior writings; and agreed to make themselves available for separate interviews on April 23. The Ramseys agreed to answer any questions put to them. On April 22, the Boulder police canceled the interviews."

[*]"The Ramseys agreed to be interrogated by the Boulder police and district attorney's office on April 30, 1997. These interviews lasted two hours (for John) and six hours (for Patsy)."

[*]"The Ramseys also were interrogated by the district attorney's office for three full days each in June 1998. No additional interviews were requested."

[*]"The Ramseys signed more than 100 releases for information requested by the police, ranging from medical records to credit card records and even videotape rental records. The Ramseys provided all evidence and information requested by the police."

[*]"Burke Ramsey, John Andrew Ramsey and Melinda Ramsey Long all were subpoenaed and testified before the grand jury."

[*]"John and Patsy offered to testify before the grand jury, but they were never subpoenaed. The Ramseys asked to meet with the governor and his advisory council. The request went unanswered."

March 19, 2000
Ramsey: "Our record is clear"
Letter to the Editor
Friday, September 5, 1997
I feel compelled to correct a recent article with some facts.
First, had the police simply asked for access to my office, our company's hangar space, or any other facility, it would have been granted. The fact is, they never asked. We granted them access to our home in Boulder several times when they asked, and offered them a key to our cottage in Michigan when we heard they wanted to go there. They chose to get a search warrant instead - I guess to imply that we weren't cooperating. Our record is demonstrably clear on this, as it is for many other times when our offers of cooperation and information were refused by the police.
Second, my airplane (which by the way is a 27 year old airplane, not a sleek jet, as is commonly reported) is, and has been, stored in a public hangar, not the Access hangar space which is used for the storage of Access historical financial records. If the police thought my airplane was stored in the Access hangar, they obviously didn't do their homework very well.
I can only assume your "unnamed sources" are from within the Boulder Police Department, who are trying to blame others for their mistakes. If so, these "sources" seem to be trying to dig themselves out of a very deep hole they have gotten themselves into. This shouldn't be allowed to happen. The leadership of the investigation into the murder of my daughter is flawed. The people of Boulder should be asking for a change. As the father of a precious child who was murdered in the city of Boulder, and where the murderer still walks free, I beg for it.
Bryan Morgan: Ramseys were interviewed on the 26th. The Ramseys were interviewed on the 27th. On the 27th they gave samples of physical evidence, blood, hair, fingerprints. When they returned from Atlanta, the Ramseys gave five handwriting samples, voluntarily, in the case of Patsy, two in the case of John. To say that the Ramseys have not cooperated in this investigation is a gross mischaracterization.

Man: But cooperation with police was short lived, their attitude toward them changed dramatically when they got back to Boulder.

John Ramsey: We came back to Boulder specifically to sit down with the police and help solve the crime. That was the only reason Patsy would come back to Boulder. She had just a vile distaste for even seeing the place again.
Man: But their friend, Mike Bynum, stopped them coming here, to police headquarters. He warned
them that the previous week the police had tried to delay the funeral so they could interrogate the

Mike Bynum: I'd received a call from one of the assistant DAs. He had asked would it be possible since the family was leaving that day for Atlanta for the funeral, would it be possible for John, Patsy, and Burke to come give hair, blood, and fingerprint samples. When we got to the sheriff's department, the assistant DA said, we have a problem. The police are not going to release JonBenét's body until they have an interview with John, Patsy, and Burke.

John: And we said … Oh boy - the worm has turned. What are these people about? It changed the whole chemistry of how we looked at the police. They were not there to help us, they were there to hang us and we became very suspicious, defensive, untrusting.

Mike Bynum: I said to the assistant DA, " you know - right now nobody knows what happened so maybe they did it and maybe they didn't do it but what you do know right now is that those are the parents of a murdered child and they deserve the respect that that requires, because that much you do know".

Man: Mike Bynum managed to get the body released. The funeral went ahead but after this there was no trust on either side.
from JonBenet's America
Kurtis: John Eller was eventually replaced by Mark Beckner, but the leaks continued. One example concerns the discussions that took place regarding the conditions under which Burke, JonBenét's 9 year old brother, would be interviewed by police. The final telephone negotiation was between Mark Beckner and Burke's lawyer, Jim Jenkins.
Jim Jenkins: It wasn't ten minutes after that phone conversation with Commander Beckner when I received a phone call from the Denver Post and the reporter there indicated to me that she understood what the conditions were, specific conditions that the Boulder Police had, and my position on those conditions. I was very upset, very distressed, that this information had gotten to the press. The next day I called Commander Beckner and had a fairly lengthy conversation with him in which I very clearly stated my upset, my astonishment that this information had been leaked to the press. He told me that he didn't do it personally, He told me that he wasn't surprised it had gotten to the press but he was somewhat surprised that it had gotten there so quickly. All of a sudden, out of the blue, he said to me, "Are you saying these negotiations are off?" I said, "Commander Beckner, I haven't said those words and I haven't indicated that I feel the negotiations are off. Are you trying to get a quote from me so you can leak that to the press." He got very hot with me and he said, "I don't leak to the press". I responded, "Commander Beckner are you trying to get a quote from me that you can provide to the press for attribution?" He said, "Well, I have to tell the press something."
Kurtis: Commander Beckner declined to take part in this program. But other leaks from confidential police records increased the pressure even further.

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