Chronicle of Cooperation
Chronicle of cooperation

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An appendix to the Ramseys' book is titled A Chronicle of Cooperation, detailing occasions the couple say they cooperated with law enforcement authorities in the investigation.
Boulder police were frustrated during the investigation by what they said was the Ramseys' reluctance to help.
Here is a summary of the Ramseys' A Chronicle of Cooperation:

[*]Boulder police officers interviewed them throughout Dec. 26, 1996, the day JonBenet's body was found.

[*]Police questioned them both Dec. 27 and John again Dec. 28. Officers were with the Ramseys 24 hours a day from 6 a.m. Dec. 26 through 2 p.m. Dec. 29, when the Ramseys left for the funeral in Atlanta.

[*]Police questioned Burke Ramsey on Dec. 26. The conversation was tape-recorded without either parent present and without parental consent. A police psychologist interviewed Burke on Jan. 6. Burke was interviewed again, over three days, in May 1998.

[*]Handwriting samples were given by John (Dec. 26, 28, Jan. 5, 1997); Patsy (Dec. 28, Jan. 4, 1997, Feb. 28, April 12, May 20), and Burke (Dec. 28).

[*]After the Ramseys returned from JonBenet's funeral in Atlanta, their attorneys offered to make them available for a joint interview Jan. 18, 1997. "The police declined this offer and stated in writing that such an interview would not 'be helpful' because 'the time for interviewing John and Patsy as witnesses who could provide critical information that would be helpful in the initial stages of our investigation has passed."'

[*]"The police countered with an offer that the Ramseys come to the police station at 6 p.m. on a Friday night and subject themselves to an open-ended interrogation. That suggestion was rejected, in part because of the written statement above."

[*]"Patsy and John gave hair and blood samples, as well as fingerprints, immediately when the police requested them; so did all other members of the family. In February 1997 both Patsy and John voluntarily gave pubic hair samples."

[*]"Very early in the investigation, the Ramseys offered to let the police search both of their houses, John's office, their cars and his airplane hangar without a search warrant."

[*]"On April 11, 1997, John and Patsy Ramsey, with their attorneys, met with Peter Hofstrom of the DA's office and Tom Wickman of the Boulder Police Department. This meeting was held at Mr. Hofstrom's and Detective Wickman's request. An apology was given for the way the family had been treated. The Ramseys were asked to give additional interviews and continue their previous cooperation. John accepted their apology and agreed to move forward. No conditions were placed on the manner in which the interviews would be conducted."

[*]"On April 12, 1997, the Ramseys also agreed to let authorities search their house again without a warrant; agreed to destructive testing of walls located at their home; agreed to identify Patsy Ramsey's prior writings; and agreed to make themselves available for separate interviews on April 23. The Ramseys agreed to answer any questions put to them. On April 22, the Boulder police canceled the interviews."

[*]"The Ramseys agreed to be interrogated by the Boulder police and district attorney's office on April 30, 1997. These interviews lasted two hours (for John) and six hours (for Patsy)."

[*]"The Ramseys also were interrogated by the district attorney's office for three full days each in June 1998. No additional interviews were requested."

[*]"The Ramseys signed more than 100 releases for information requested by the police, ranging from medical records to credit card records and even videotape rental records. The Ramseys provided all evidence and information requested by the police."

[*]"Burke Ramsey, John Andrew Ramsey and Melinda Ramsey Long all were subpoenaed and testified before the grand jury."

[*]"John and Patsy offered to testify before the grand jury, but they were never subpoenaed. The Ramseys asked to meet with the governor and his advisory council. The request went unanswered."

March 19, 2000

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