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I would love to see that FBI statement. I do know only BORG information was brought to Quantico. Lou Smit attended but was told to sit down and shut up, not to talk about the intruder evidence. But I still have a hard time believing the FBI said all that is reported here.

Like if they say most ransom notes are written BEFORE the crime - why must this one have been written AFTER? m Makes no sense to write a note, risking being found in the house, to leave with a body. But let's play pretend and say it WAS Patsy and she wrote it AFTER the crime - - after killing her child in that dirty basement, she left no dirty, obvious prints on the paper? She was calm enough to write those words? She didn't shed a single tear on the paper?

I think this claim is bogus on the face, that they may have said based on what the BORG BPD was presenting they might need to look at the people who did not leave footprints in the (nonexistent) snow, who couldn't wait to take a plane to Atlanta, who lawyered up, who were rich, who were attractive, who had NO history of anything criminal or close.... Yeah, based on what they knew they said look at family.

But other stuff attributed to them is just hyperbole - - and that's just a fancy word for "bullshit".

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