the prayer - Rutherford
someone named Rutherford (I think) wrote about her "red flag" and I want to comment on that.

She wrote:

The Red flag to me was the prayer that Patsy Ramsey said she said over JonBenet as she tucked her in bed on December 25th. (She said this in I believe a CBS interview part one. I am unable to find it on the net, but a clip of it was shown on the A&E show titled, The killing of JonBenet: The truth uncovered. It is about the 11th minute of the show). The prayer, now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep...etc. Whether she said it out loud or in her head it just didn't happen. JonBenet was asleep and so Patsy all alone in the dark said basically a nursery rhyme to God. I am a Christian and so are the Ramseys. God knows who you are when you are alone and you cant be fake with God. It was 9 or 10 at night, getting up at 530, any prayer said in that situation is thankfulness or a problem you need to talk about or numerous other things. OR, not at all, just get the kids in bed. Then to further compound the unlikeliness of that prayer is the fact that she used it as a point of irony in a T.V. interview.

I want to say I was really surprised to see this being a red flag for anyone.  I can picture Patsy saying it out loud as she pulled the covers up - it would not be out of character at all.  Patsy wasn't praying to God because she was under stress or worried about anything - it wasn't a serious PRAYER prayer - it was more of their regular routine being followed even though JonBenet was not saying it with her.

Your last sentence makes no sense - when she said that little prayer over her sleeping child, she had no idea she was going to lose her daughter and talk about that night in some interview.  There is no irony there compounding the unlikeliness of anything.

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