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Saturday, March 11, 2006
The Activist Lawyers Lee Hill and David Lane

Here is a Westword article about the Boulder lawyer and American Indian Movement (AIM) activist Lee Hill. Lee Hill also was an activist and lawyer on behalf of Leonard Peltier, the man convicted of aiding and abetting in the murder the two FBI agents on Pine Ridge on Jun 26, 1975.

This article should be read and studied carefully. The lawyer's goal seems to be not to protect his supposedly "endangered" client but to denigrate the Boulder authorities and to suggest that the authorities are protecting the person/s who murdered the Boulder child JonBenet Ramsey. I call this the "protected pedophiles conspiracy theory" of the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

This conspiracy theory was promoted by the clients of two activist lawyers with ties to Ward Churchill--Lee Hill and David Lane.

Lane is Churchill's current lawyer. These lawyers' clients even got into trouble for trying to influence the secret JonBenet Ramsey grand jury.

David Lane's client Evan Ravitz, who got in trouble for illegally influencing a grand jury, also claims to have been advised at times by Lee Hill: "I sought legal counsel from (Boulder lawyer) Lee Hill, and he said it was his understanding that people could contact a grand jury member," said Ravitz.

Ravitz, strong advocate for the protected pedophile conspiracy theory, writes:

This year I had substantive contact with 2 Grand Jury investigators, 2 District Attorneys, 3 District Judges, several Grand Jurors, the ACLU of both Boulder and Colorado, attorneys and citizens around the country. It has been an extraordinary education in what my pro bono attorney and Grand Jury expert David Lane calls the "Just us" system...what we still want investigated is what we believe DA Hunter most wants to avoid: the possibility that pedophiles- who we name- in very high places in Boulder de-railed the investigation... http://www.vote.org/ramsey/salazar.htm (dead link)

Another post on the internet that features David Lane alleges: "Evidence of Pedophiles in High Places Blocked in Investigation into the Murder of JonBenet."

The protected pedophiles conspiracy theory is a lot like Ward Churchill's allegation that FBI-backed death squads murdered 342 people on Pine Ridge. Churchill has spent his life denigrating American law enforcement. He has promoted claims that alleged FBI-backed killings were not simply murders but part of "a pattern of officially-sponsored terrorism."

It seems to me that what AIM operatives did on Pine Ridge to make the Indians mistrust the FBI, was now being repeated in Boulder. The goal of the propaganda was not to see justice done but to denigrate law enforcement and make people think that law enforcement was protecting and abetting criminals.

The Westword article closes by disparaging the Boulder police:
"The Boulder police haven't managed to arrest anyone for the murder of JonBenét, but they can track down a renegade dog owner -- all while a would-be witness in their town's biggest murder case cowers behind the door."

Lee Hill represented this mentally unstable "witness" (later said to be Nancy Krebs) who claimed that she had been sexually assaulted since childhood by people connected to the murdered Boulder child JonBenet Ramsey:

The Witness...said she was now concerned over the safety of her niece, who she suspected may be suffering the same abuse she had. And she was worried about the case, because now her family would know to destroy or hide evidence. And she was worried about her personal safety. The man she was naming was wealthy and these people, she said, were ruthless. [Westword]

The author of the article, Steve Jackson, writes:

" The Witness claims that she's been the victim of a child-sex ring whose participants included a wealthy friend of the Ramsey family. Yes, that Ramsey family.
If what The Witness has to say is true -- and she does have documentation proving at least her family's connection to the wealthy friend, and she's also sent one man to prison for rape -- then her information may shed some light on the possible circumstances of JonBenét's murder. And that could mean she's in danger. Maybe, Hill worries, he is, too.

For the past few days, the Boulder police have been in California checking the woman's story, though from what Hill can determine, they've mostly been trying to find ways to damage her credibility instead of investigating the possibility that maybe, just maybe, she's telling the truth." [Westword]

Lee Hill claimed that this mystery woman was being hunted by the people who had exploited her, so he hid her with AIM. He also complained that the Boulder police had risked her life by contacting the California police to check this woman's shakey story.

It is odd that Lee Hill is giving media interviews that publicize his client's allegations if he is really trying to protect his client's life:

"She can't go home," Hill yelled [to the Boulder police]. If their leak to the California police was standard procedure, then any stalker in the country could locate his prey by filing a missing-persons report. He was a former law-enforcement officer and he knew that revealing the whereabouts (much less that she was a potential witness in a murder case) of a competent adult who knew where she was didn't wash.

"At considerable risk to herself, she leaves everything and comes forward to try to help you people. Then you needlessly strip her of her only security and tell her pursuers where she is and what she's doing. And all you can give her to shield herself is two fucking business cards. I'll be goddamned if I'm the only one responsible for her safety."

Hunter tried to diffuse the situation, but Hill and The Witness left through the back door. Now Hill was really worried about finding her a safe place to stay. He turned to his friends with the American Indian Movement -- if there was one group of people who weren't afraid of standing up to the government, it was AIM. He called friends, a poor family who didn't have much. Yet without asking any questions about why this woman might be in danger or what risk they might face, they told Hill to bring her over. Suddenly, he felt enormous relief. Leave it to his people to offer what they had to someone in need.

The Witness stayed with them for several days, but Hill knew that they were barely scraping by as it was, so he looked for someplace else to hide her while they waited to hear from the Boulder police.

The woman was determined to be mentally ill. Later, the lawyer Lee Hill was later reportedly arrested a few times by the police. He reportedly assaulted his wife with a gun; he nearly rammed a police car, and he had weapons he was not allowed to have. Hill reportedly jumped bail and didn't show up for his trial. As far as I know, he is still missing.

This is a very complicated story, but I think that this disgusting murder and the cruel, cynical post-murder urban legends were fabricated, like Ward Churchill's Legend of Pine Ridge, to discredit law enforcement.

This murder was mainly terrorist, and the target was the government and the people's confidence in the integrity of their legal institutions.

These lawyer-operatives had a long affiliation with Ward Churchill and AIM, and their actions seemed to be very similar to the political troublemaking, chaos, and distrust that AIM fostered on Pine Ridge. The whole point of that disinformation operation was to depict the FBI as terrorists who protected criminals who murdered Indians.

The fake "witness" Lee Hill represented reminds me a lot of the fake "witness" that AIM promoted after the two FBI agents were murdered at Pine Ridge on the anniversary of "Custer's Last Stand," June 26, 1975. [The Battle of Little Bighorn lasted for two days June 25-26, 1876.]

After Peltier was convicted for aiding and abetting in two murders of the FBI agents, a man called "Mr. X" arranged to meeet a writer named Peter Matthiessen at a secret location. "Mr X" covered his face and claimed to the writer that he (Mr. X) had killed the two FBI agents. This man never confessed to the police and was never interrogated about his claim; he was never questioned in court. The whole point was to make it seem as though an innocent man was wrongly in prison for murder.

Ward Churchill often quotes this book by Matthiessen, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, as authoritative, and Churchill has claimed, variously, that he was on Pine Ridge the day of the shootings or the day after.

I think that David "Free Speech" Lane and Lee Hill promoted a cynical conspiracy theory after JonBenet Ramsey was murdered to discredit the government.

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