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7 JonBenet's Last Meal

Many who feel the murderer did not reside in the Ramsey home almost always refer to two strange round burn marks found on her neck and back. The perfect circle burns were ultimately thought to be marks from a stun gun. Those who theorize an intruder killed JonBenet, alleged that these burns came from the stun gun that was used to subdue her. Had the Ramseys had anything to do with JonBenet’s murder, they wouldn’t have had to stun gun her, because she would have gone with them willingly. However, there is evidence to suggest the potential stun gun marks might have been yet another element of staging when the police found something peculiar in her stomach. There was evidence of pineapple in her stomach that was not yet digested, suggesting she had eaten the pineapple shortly before she died. The Ramseys have always maintained that after returning from the Whites’ Christmas party JonBenet went straight to bed and they did not feed her the pineapple. This suggests that someone JonBenet knew led her downstairs to eat the pineapple, and the mysterious marks must have been administered after because she could not have consumed the pineapple after being stun gunned.


There's NO evidence the Ramseys owned a stun gun and most BORG try like HELL to ignore that piece of evidence - or make up silly stories of what else it may have been - - like a child's loom or bit from a railroad track - - if it was broken just so.  but nice to see it accepted here.

The pineapple was NOT in her stomach but had passed through and was in the intestines.  If you ever had a kid vomit in the middle of the night - - and understand vomit comes from the stomach, not the intestines - - you can see that proves it was NOT eaten just before the murder.  It could have been eaten in the early afternoon according to the experts I have met with during my work on documentaries and other projects.  I think Burke took out a bowl of pineapple that afternoon while his mother was in the basement dying her hair or on the second and third floor packing for travel.  I think JonBenét passed by and grabbed a bite with no one knowing.  I don't think it is important to the murder investigation at all.
6 Creepy Santa Clause

Yet another freakish side show in this case was the Ramseys’ personal Santa Clause, Bill McReynolds. Bill McReynolds was a retired journalism professor with a very distinct look: he had a long white beard and a round face with glasses, he was Santa Clause. The Ramseys had hired McReynolds to be the Santa Clause as their Christmas parties, and John himself remembers JonBenet worshipping McReynolds as the real Santa Clause. The Ramseys suggest to investigators that McReynolds might be their man because shortly before JonBenet’s murder, she led him on a tour through their house. Even more chilling, there are reports that McReynolds had given a note to JonBenet saying “something special will happen to you after Christmas”. As if that wasn’t strange enough, McReynolds wife had reportedly written a screenplay prior to the murder about a little girl being tortured and murdered in her basement. Sound familiar?


Familiar, yes, and there's more to his story that printed here - - - but he was investigated and cleared.

Again, the Ramseys never tried to suppress any of this.  It isn't something the Ramseys don't want anyone to know.
5 Ramsey's Talk to CNN.... Before the Police

It is no secret that when it comes to the case of slain beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey, the police botched the investigation from the beginning. The local police department’s incompetence would forever mar this case and its nonexistent outcome. From the beginning however, police insisted that the Ramseys were suspiciously uncooperative, refusing to sit down for a formal interview. However, in 1997, just a few short weeks after JonBenet’s murder, the Ramsey’s would do something extremely peculiar. They would discuss the case of their murdered daughter for the very first time, but not with police, on CNN. The Ramseys had agreed to do an interview with CNN before they had even sat down to have an interview with police. Body language experts have long since criticized the Ramseys on air appearance, saying it feels forced, rehearsed and not genuine. In this interview, most famously the clip above, the Ramseys are very obviously trying to assert the theory that a madman on the loose had murdered their daughter.


The Ramseys called 911 and spoke to police at the house until they were forced to leave.  They went to the Fernies' where police moved in as well - - the Ramseys were still talking to police answering whatever questions the police were putting to them - -  but the point is - - the police were not asking them questions.  They were following FBI directives and waiting.  The Ramseys were not being uncooperative and refusing to answer questions.
Later they put in writing the FACT that they would answer any and all questions but would not go to the police station to be interrogated as suspects for who know how many hours starting after the sun went down.  

As for going on CNN, they knew their daughter had been brutally killed and they knew they didn't do it - - so they knew a killer WAS on the loose!  Friends saw the news pointing at them as suspects and urged them to go to the media and show themselves.  They chose a reputable media group and gave an interview.  NOTHING said indicated guilt.
4 Burke's Telling Interview

Another peculiar mystery figure in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case was her brother Burke, who was nine years old at the time of her murder. Some have theorized that Burke may have had something to do with JonBenet’s murder, maybe accidentally killing her. Some think the Ramseys covered this up and made the scene look sexually motivated so that investigators would look for the murderer outside of the home. Some interesting validity to this theory comes from Burke’s interview with a child psychologist for the police department, just weeks after his sister’s murder. In the interview Burke seems eerily controlled and detached, never once crying or expressing concern for his sister. When asked about his new life as an only child, Burke simply replies that now he just plays video games. Even more chilling, Burke asserts that he heard the commotion going on downstairs but claims he simply stayed in his bed, seemingly not scared nor concerned.


The bits chosen by the BORG media to air were intentionally picked and put together to be "chilling".  Burke is, I admit, not a terribly social person when it comes to talking about his sister's death.  And he does smile at some inappropriate times - but that is nerves, not guilt.  He was a little kid, not a worldly punk, when this happened.  

As for the last statement, that is just not true.  Burke had never heard his mother so distraught and he was scared - so he pretended to be asleep.
3 Burke Was Allegedly Violent

In an interview with one of Patsy Ramsey’s friend, who was later annexed for talking to police and seemingly for helping with the investigation, again potentially pointed the finger at Burke Ramsey. The family friend insinuates that once JonBenet became involved in beauty pageants, she became even more so the apple of her parents’ eye. She suggests that Burke was jealous of JonBenet and all the attention she received, claiming there simply wasn’t enough attention for the two of them. She recalls Burke having violent outbursts, she deemed as cries for attention. However, chillingly, she claims that Burke had once given JonBenet a black eye by hitting her in the face with a golf club. She said JonBenet even still brandished a small scar below one of her eyes on her cheek from the incident. This again supports the theory that Burke may have been the one who accidentally killed JonBenet, and the Ramseys, fearing the loss of another child ensued in a cover up.


You are talking about Judith Phillips who started out defending her "friends" but when she found she was not in the inner circle and - - in all honesty - - that negative Ramsey stories were worth a lot of money (and social fun) she jumped to the other side.  She eventually married a BORG jerk who you can learn more about by googling Darnay Hoffman Doc Miller FAX.  

The incident with the golf club was an accident.  Burke was taking a swing and JonBenét stepped behind him.  No violence in that child - and that came through in the interviews he gave in 1997 and later.
2 Evidence of Coaching

After the Ramseys had finally agreed to be separated and interviewed by police, months had passed since JonBenet’s murder. However, even though they were separated, their stories seemed to match perfectly with virtually no discrepancies. Why is this a problem? The eerie similarities between the Ramseys stories suggested to police that they were coached.
When police confront Patsy Ramsey with the notion that a handwriting expert claimed that Patsy’s handwriting was astonishingly similar to the handwriting in the ransom note, it raised the hair on the back of their necks. Though Patsy and John were in separate rooms, when confronted about the ransom note, they both quipped that perhaps the ransom note was written by a woman. A strange conclusion for both of them to draw on their own, suggesting they had discussed what they would say to investigators. Even more chilling in Burke’s interview, to some questions he responds “not that I recall”. This was the exact same phrase Patsy used in her interviews, suggesting to investigators that Burke had been coached by Patsy.


I have seen the interview tapes numerous times and not only did the questions vary - a LOT - the answers did not match as suggested here.  I mean, they were expecting to leave for the airport at a certain time - - and they agreed on that - - but that is not indicative of coaching.  I never heard any cop saying  they seemed "coached" and I have spoken to several of those who were there that morning.  (Steve Thomas came later, and he was SOOO happy to be  part of a big story.  It was a career move.)

The handwriting was closer to other suspects than to Patsy.  That came out in depositions relating to the Wolf lawsuit..

Children pick up language from their parents first, family, then friends later.  It is not strange that Burke would copy a phrase from either parent.
1 Patsy's Handwriting Sample Matched the Ransom Note

Perhaps the most convincing and terrifying evidence of all was the ransom note. There were several things that raised red flags to investigators in the note, starting with the ransom demand. However, that wasn’t all. The ransom note was a staggering two and a half pages, much longer than any killer or kidnapper would need to make a ransom demand, suggesting to investigators that it was fabricated and simply an oversell. Additionally, ink comparison showed that the pen used to write the note came from a pen on Patsy’s desk, the paper the note was written on came from Patsy’s desk as well. Investigators thought it was odd that an intruder would spend so much time in the house writing such a long note, without fear of discovery. Also, the note was placed on a back staircase, an intimate detail that suggested whoever wrote it knew the Ramsey’s mainly used that particular staircase. However, the most compelling of all? Several handwriting experts have concluded that with over two hundred similarities between Patsy’s writing samples and the ransom note, that she was the one who wrote it.


If the killer was in the house waiting for the family to get home and settle in for the night - - he had to be still and why NOT write a note? Fantasy time before acting out a different fantasy.
Putting it on the staircase doesn't strike me as odd in a house as cluttered as that one. It would be seen for sure.

The "several handwriting experts" referred to here are the same one discredited in the Wolf lawsuit, right?

People really should do a lot more research before claiming knowledge in this case. This article had a LOT of misinformation and mistakes in it.

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