Questions for the authorsListen Carefully: Truth and Evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey
They have a Facebook page.  I used to be on Facebook but no more due to complaints by BORG who couldn't debate the case but COULD organize a flurry of complaints about me and my posts.  So I am not there but want to address a post by the authors of this book.  Fiest their post, then my questions (which I am sure they will not attempt to answer.

First their post:

Listen Carefully: Truth and Evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey Case

 Thank you for your comment. In regards to a robber theory, there was nothing missing and absolutely no evidence of an intruder. In addition, why would robbers not just leave her where they knocked her out? Why would they have gone to trouble to take JonBenet to a basement they would not have known about and difficult to find? In the event they had found the basement, why would they have not left her in the first room they found there? Why take JonBenet to a room that was at the very back of a maze-like basement? Why then strangle her with a home-made ligature, even if it were just part of the staging to make it look like there was an intruder? Why would robbers wipe down JonBenet's body, change her clothes, wrap her in her favorite blanket "like a papoose" as her father said, tie her wrists together loosely with a cord and put a short piece of reused tape over her already dead mouth? Why stay in the house for an absolute minimum of another 30-45 minutes writing a 2 1/2 page ransom letter, increasing chances of being caught when the original intent was robbery? The only reason the ransom "note" was written was to explain JonBenet's dead body that would be found in the basement. Without that, and without Patsy's 911 call that said before she said anything else "we have a kidnapping" (not "my daughter is missing"), the Ramseys would have been arrested on the spot! They had to sell a kidnapping to be able to get out of the house and behind their wall of lawyers and public relations team who were hired immediately. The Child Abduction and Serial Killer Unit of the FBI told the BPD the crime scene was staged, the ransom note was fake and to look at the family. There was no intruder or intruders. However, there was a huge miscarriage of justice because in America, if you are wealthy and well-connected, you can buy your freedom. If John Ramsey had been a truck-driver who lived on the edge of Bouder in a trailer, we wouldn't be having this conversation. We appreciate your interest in this case. Please let us know if we can answer any further questions.
1. No evidence of an intruder? How about handwriting on a note that doesn't belong to a family member, a stun gun being used when there is no link between the stun gun and any Ramsey and none being found in the house. How about the cord and tape that match nothing in the house. How about the forsign DNA found MIXED with the blood in her panties? How about the character of the family, no history of abuse, no motive, no nothing proving they were involved at all?

Why take her to the basement? Because that is how they might take her out. Or if they simply intended to assault and kill her and not risk being seen outside, they may have felt that they could do it in that basement and not be heard upstairs.

I see no evidence she was undressed or redressed. The fibers could have come off a sleeve as he assaulted her with his hand.

The note was clearly written before the murder. After, anyone would be running on pure adrenalin and unable to write that.

How does leaving a ransom note WITH a dead body make sense? If you write a ransom note to cover up anything - - take the body away!

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