Dale Yeager
Doing business as "Seraph", this man wrote an "expert report" for the BPD that linked Patsy to the ransom note by saying the 118 in the ransom note was a very special number to Patsy.  That was never proven to be true - but it would seem the police figured nothing ventured, nothing gained so they hired Yeager and his team to write a report to (as Dale Yeager later said) "push buttons" in an interrogation.

I contacted Yeager and thought it might be interesting to share his response to me.

 I asked:

>You have reported that you think Patsy Ramsey felt she had to "sacrifice"<BR>
her daughter because she is a "delusional sociopath".  With no history of<BR>
neglect, abuse, or prior violence in the house, considering the dead child's<BR>
siblings say "NO WAY", I would like to ask how you came to this conclusion.<BR>
Have you met the woman?  Visited her prayer group?  These people are NOT a<BR>
cult, they are normal people.  Just would like to know how you figure Patsy<BR>
has to be "delusional" OR a "sociopath".  Did you mean just for the night?<BR>

>Hope you will respond, I am honestly interested in your answer.

He responded

I grew up in a conservative evangelical home in fact my father is a Wesleyan<BR>
[Methodist] minister. I have never stated publicly or privately that the<BR>
Charismatic movement is a cult. If you read the reports carefully you will<BR>
see that I believe that Patsy has been a sociopath for a long time and that<BR>
in her "confused" state after her breast cancer she began to take the<BR>
biblical information she was given - through her involvement with the<BR>
Charismatic movement and mix it with her own delusions of spirituality. She<BR>
is NOT mentally ill. Sociopaths make up a large proportion of the American<BR>
population. They are control freaks who see threats where none exists, they<BR>
assert their opinions aggressively with others and always need to be in<BR>
charge. Low level sociopaths hurt peoples feelings and control others lives<BR>
[codependency], high level sociopaths kill [OJ Simpson].<BR>
By the way physical abuse is not always present in the home of a sociopath.<BR>
Patsy exhibited aggressive and verbally violent episodes to her children and<BR>
Americans in general do not understand how prevalent sociopathic behavior<BR>
is. People with this ilk are dangerous and they come in all shapes and<BR>
sizes. They can be helped if there is early intervention in their lives. The<BR>
problem is that many of them come from families who encourage the behavior.<BR>
Thank you for writing. I hope that this has answered your questions.<BR>
Dale Yeager

I was not satisfied and asked again:

You didn't answer my questions.  Were you asked to report on the 118  only as it related to that bible verse and this crime and were you working with the base supposition that Patsy did this?<BR>
I don't see any evidence that this woman killed  her child, none.  She had opportunity, nothing else is supported by facts.  Are you comfortable testifying against her with the information you have?<BR>
By the way, I think based on your definition of a sociopath, most successful people, and a lot of losers, are sociopaths.  Almost a normal thing.<BR>
Reading the ransom note, you really think she wrote that?  Can we talk about that a bit?  Do you think she wrote it before or after the crime?  And why not use her name, the name of John"s business but say things like She dies, she dies, behead,no Christian burial.  Not distancing, IMO.<BR>
Would like to hear your thoughts.  Written after, would there be no tears on the note.<BR>
And don't people who make religious sacrifices have to admit it?  I mean lying about it is defeating the purpose.  NO?<BR>
Sorry if I sound confused.  I have ICQ and an IM calling.<BR>
Hope to hear back from you and if you will visit a while I will shut down the other programs.<BR>

He answered me one more time:

Sorry I didn't answer your questions.<BR>
1. No I have never spoken to Patsy or her minister, I don't need to. The<BR>
point of profiling is the examination of actions and attitudes to create a<BR>
thought pattern of that individual. Speaking with her would be counter<BR>
productive to the profile. I need only the facts. I started out thinking it<BR>
was a serial killer so I didn't have any pre conceived ideas.<BR>
2. The evidence is complicated and I cannot go into it now because some of<BR>
it has not be made public and I am under agreement not to speak about it.<BR>
The note is absolutely her handwriting [FBI crime lab]. Your problem is that<BR>
you are viewing this case from a compassionate and logical perspective. You<BR>
cannot use logic or kindness when analyzing the behavior of sociopaths. Her<BR>
reasoning is not rational or logical. As far as lying about it, sociopaths<BR>
can separate themselves;eves from the side of them that did the crime. In<BR>
her delusional state she really believes that she didn't commit it.<BR>
Please read "The Gift Of Fear" it will explain this to you. And yes many<BR>
"leaders" and mother in laws are socipathic. :-)<BR>
Thank you for writing.<BR>
Dale Yeager<BR>
He went on the Dave Lucas Radio show where he admitted he wrote the bogus report as hired and knew it would be used to "push buttons" in an interrogation. He also said he would or could never have appeared as a witness against any defendant in the case - he didn't have the credentials to the best of my memory. But he was sure Patsy did it, Southern women are mostly sociopaths, after all.

I have the audio tapes of the program - - somewhere there is a transcript. This is old news but with so many new case followers, I thought it might be good to revisit the name.
Wow. Sounds like he was scorned by his up ringing and a southern women to make him so loopy.

I wish people like him would keep his mouth shut.

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