Cyril Wecht

       (Excerpts from 02/26/97)

Dr. CYRIL WECHT (Pathologist): Do I believe it was accidental in the sense that it was not an intent, initially, to kill this girl? Yes, very much so. And with regard to the sexual business, too--chronic, acute--the fact of the matter is there is no evidence of a brutal sexual assault on this girl. It was a careful situation so as not to leave any injuries.

Ms. JERALYN MERRITT (Criminal Defense Attorney): The pediatrician of this child m--met this child many, many times over the last couple of years. He says there was no prior sexual abuse, no evidence of it. And he also says that he would have known it if there was. And he saw this child on a regular basis, and I think we have to give some credence to that because, with all due respect to Dr. Wecht, he hasn't spoken to the pediatrician as far as I know and he hasn't met the child.

(End of excerpts)

RIVERA: The debate on location in Boulder, Colorado, between Dr. Cyril Wecht, on the one hand, the noted forensic pathologist, and two of the local criminal defense attorneys, Jeralyn Merritt and Larry Pozner.
My question is, why would parents who "accidentally" killer their child, then shove a broken paint brush up her private area? If it was accidental, why go through the brutal killing with the garrote then sexual assault? Cryil wecht is an idiot, same with Rivera. My husband met him in Iraq and he reported complete BS about what was going on. Surprise right?
Found a piece on You Tube where Wecht is talking Ramsey - he is such a jerk. A shame new people believe his garbage.

I watched the tape and left this comment.

Going to go through this and make comments -- this man needs to be challenged. Not going to comment on all his mistakes, just the obvious.

1. He has Burke "just a few feet away" from JonBenet when she was taken from her bed. Burke's bed was at the extreme front of the house and JonBenet's was in the addition (rear of the house).
2. John Ramsey initiated the 1 pm search - we know it was Detective Linda Arndt.
3. Wecht claims the collar of her sweater was pulled up and the cord never touched her skin. - we know it was embedded in her neck.
4. he said the cord was found in the house. Both melted ends of the cord were not found - where was the rest? The cord on the body matched nothing in the house - it was probably carried in with other items.

I DO like the bit at the end where he explains how the blow to the head HAAD to have been done when she was dead (or close to) because if before, there would have been much more than a teaspoon and a half of blood resulting from that injury.

Overall, I think the man should stop talking on this case until he reviews the crime scene photos and autopsy photos that are easily found.

Other people who have either performed or witnessed autopsies claim that this supposed film of an autopsy was not realistic at all because trivial cuts were made before organs were lifted out. Wecht should have noted this himself but didn't. He strikes me as someone whose testimony and opinions have been treated as gospel so has become (or always was) very sloppy.
From JonBenet's America

Patsy: I remember one day coming in and plopping down on the sofa and just clicking on the TV and the Geraldo Rivera show was in progress, I guess. And this man named Cyril Wecht came into focus and he was waving his hands and saying something to the effect that the Boulder police needed to just do what they needed to do and arrest these people, and do what what's right and the whole audience went up into cheers – You know, YEAH YEAH. They need to.. and I was just like...

Clip of Geraldo show:
Geraldo: Do you believe this case will ever be solved?
Wecht: Solved? No, I think that it can still be however probed, and I think that the charges should be brought against both the Ramseys and I think the police should do them what they would do with Mr. and Mrs. Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Smith - you play one against the other and you move toward a suit, that's what you do.

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