Delphi murders and BPD
Its crazy thinking about the Delphi murders and the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

Both are tragic.

Libby was so brave.. (Her real name is Liberty, so fitting for her) taking pictures and audio of her killer.. she knew they were in trouble.

Ive joined some facebook groups regarding the Delphi murders.. I had to leave some because some are just plain crazy..

Well ive noticed how many people are frustrated with the Delphi PD... they are demanding answers and the Delphi PD have no intentions of releasing much information... they dont want to compromise the investigation..

Imagine if the BPD refused to leak information. Lets take a moment and think about it...

The first month of her murder... the media/people would know JonBenet was murdered.. know she was a child... know the basics..

Im sure everyone would still see the tragic and horrifying video of JonBenet coming out.. in the black bag..

If BPD had morals, they would keep the information very minimal.

Release what was needed.. possibly some information regarding the ransom note.. MAYBE some information about the garrotte.. (like do you recognize this rope? ) Was it needed to say JonBenet was in pageants? No, I dont think so.

Make it known to the Media they NEED tips coming in.. anyone know of anything? Call us ASAP.

The BPD had already made up their mind who did it and decided it was time to blame JR and PR for their poor mistakes at the crime scene... any potential evidence washed away.. they messed this up.

Wouldnt it be wonderful if they were like the Delphi PD??

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