Her first interview with BPD


TO. Commander Joe Pelle
District Attorney's Office

FROM. Det. Tom Trujillo

DATE. 2/22/00


RE. P96-21871

PRESENT. A. Det. Tom Trujillo
B. Det. Chuck Heidel
C. Lee Hill
D. Nancy Krebs
E. Alex Hunter

(Tape 1 of 3 tape interview.)

C. (inaudible) the same generation even though 3 years older

D. (inaudible) you were quick

C. That's (inaudible) baby book

D. (inaudible)

C. About your but I think that my focus um initially (inaudible) clarify the context (inaudible) subjected here to control (inaudible) dominance, subjugation. and abuse-(inaudible) participating. continuous participating and then uh

B. (inaudible) before we start, here's my card

C. Thank you very much (inaudible)

B. Tom's on his way over

C. Thank you when he gets here we'll walk you through that I mean !(inaudible)

B. Okay no that's fine) that's fine, actually I'll be following Tom's lead but what I would like to do on this while we're waiting here I can get some preliminary information from you


Nancy, your name and date of birth and all that stuff

D. Okay

B. It is Nancy right

D. Uh-huh

B. Okay, do you have a middle name Nancy

D. Jo J O

B. J 0, okay

D. And my last name is Krebs K R E B S

B. K R E E


B. B S Krebs okay, and your birthday

D. 4/25/62

B. How tall are you and how much do you weigh

D. Uh about 5'5"

B. Okay

D. And I weigh last time 142

B. 142

C. That's okay

B. Brown hair and

D. I have blue eyes

B. And what's your current address

D. Uh in California

P96-21871 3

B. Uh

C. Yes

B. Why don't you give me all the addresses where you can be contacted

D. Okay

B. If that's what we need


B. Okay

C. (inaudible)

A. Tom Trujillo


B. okay I'm just getting some preliminary information

C. Nancy Krebs, Det. Tom Trujillo

D. Hi

A. Nancy how you doing

D. Fine

B. (inaudible ) -..

D. Uh-huh

B. And that in

D. Los Osos

C. Los Osos, okay

D. Right

C. Capital O

B. Right

P.9G-21B71 4

C. The first one

B. Los Osos

D. Uh-huh

B. Osos okay and what’s the uh zip code


B. Okay and a phone number

D. Um-

B. XXXX okay there was another address

D. Just through office

(Recording went dead at this point.)

B. Huh, aw well it's (inaudible) of technology

A. Okay~ this is for the recording here um. what you've shown me so far is is copies of your baby book and some photographs including photos of Fleet White Sr. and then some photographs of Fleet White Jr.'s children

D. Yeah and there should

A. Connect

D. Be a…actual… a picture of Fleet White

C. (inaudible)

D. At his wedding.

A. Okay, and where did these photographs come from, I mean the ones (inaudible) obviously but where did these other photographs come from

D. From my grandma’s um photo album

A. Okay and that's still out in California

D. Yeah

P96-21871 5

A. Okay~ now this photo, there's a video of these photographs is that correct is that what this is

C. None none of these videos of other family photographs and correspondence

D. Oh there it is

A. Okay okay so this is Fleet White Jr’s wedding picture

D. Uh-huh

A. Okay, you can pull that one out, and who were the people again that photograph hard to see um kind of from left to right who's this female in the white shirt

D. Let me see

A. A white dress

D. Can I look at it

A. Sure

D. It's a little bit hard, that's uh Nyla

A. Okay, which would be Fleet White's

D. Mother

A. Okay

D. Fleet White Jr., his wife Priscilla, his father

A. Okay

D. And his sister Loni

A. Okay, and the original photograph is out in California

D. Right

A. Okay, so I need to pull this out, if you don't mind

B. For the record that was from a page 20 from a

P96-2187l 6

C. Fax

B. From a fax right

D. Uh-huh

B. Is that what that was from

A. Okay so

D. And this is uh this is a horrible picture (inaudible) uh the quality of it but this is a picture of Fleet White Jr. and Fleet and that's a picture of little Fleet

A. Okay so this is Fleet White Jr ., one who is currently in Boulder

D. Right

A. And his son

D. Right

A. Okay, and that's on page (inaudible) hard to tell 16

B. Looks like page 16 from the fax copy from

A. And then these other photographs uh the other pages of photographs um one's not numbered uh but these are all family photographs of Fleet White's…Fleet White Jr's children, where were these taken at

D. Um

A. Have any idea

D. Well it it says right here, it's written on there that this is before they moved to Colorado

A. Okay

D. And that they were 5 and 3 1/2 years old

A. Okay

D. And that they were taken at a children's museum in Tennessee

A. Okay, very good, that kind of that way I can go back and try to figure out what's what as far


as all these photos go, okay, and then you have this greetings from Fleet and Nyla that would be Fleet White Sr.

D. Right ,

A. And his wife and who are the two children in there

D. Uh Fleet White I guess, he's really Fleet White III

A. Okay

D. And Daphne

A. Got it and that was taken in Aspen in 1997

D. Right

A. Okay

D. Was sent,

A. So on the video tape is another photograph

D. Uh-huh

A. Is that right, okay, um so I guess I guess there's some sort of a connection between you and the White families. Fleet White Sr., Fleet White Jr., I understand that, uh let's start kinda back in the beginning it's probably the easiest way i

D. Okay, can we read this forst

A. Sure

D. I think (inaudible)

A. What what

D. Um

A. What is this


D. It's a it's a letter to my grandmother

A. Uh-huh

D. From uh Nyla White

A. Okay

D. And I think it has some significance because it talks about how uh they would spend Christmases with my mom

A. Uh-huh

D. And my grandmother (Very long pause) (50 sec pause)

A. And Gordon is

D. It's my grandpa that passed away

(Long pause) (20 sec pause)

A. I'm. it talks about Fleet and Loni, would be Fleet White Jr.

D. Uh-huh

A. Okay

(Long pause) (25 sec pause)

D. (inaudible). when will she (inaudible) communication

C. Huh

D. (inaudible)

C. (inaudible)

A. Okay, that's fine (inaudible) ~ so let's start back let's (inaudible) start back as far as you can first remember um your family and the White's family being together, when was that

D. Probably when I was about 3 years old

P96-21871 ! 9

A. Okay, so the White's have been um friends of your parents, grandparents

D. Both

A. For many, many years

D. Yes

A. Okay, um where did you guys live at that time

D. Where did I live

A. Yeah where did you live

D. I lived in Buena Park

A. Okay, and Fleet White Sr. was good friends with your grandfather, is that correct

D. And my grandma

A. And your grandma

D. Both

A. Okay, and where did the Fleet White Sr. live at that time

D. In Hunt, not Hunt, in Long Beach

A. Long Beach okay

D. Uh-huh !

A. Um kinda kinda bring me up to date just a little bit um you know how you kept in touch With the White family, that sort of thing and then talk about go into a little bit more detail if you would (inaudible) kind kind of tell me throughout the years you know I mean have you kept in touch with the Whites, have you have you communicated with the Whites I mean obviously there's communications from 1997 uh but kinda start back from when you first remember and go forward and kinda give me an idea of… of a your contacts with the Whites

D. And like …

A. Just general contacts

D. Well that's really hard to do because I would say that my contacts weren’t 'general contacts

P96-21871 10

with them

A. Okay, um I mean did you cause it talks about it a little bit um Christmas time, that sort of thing, let's start there um I mean I understand there's some other things some subtle things goin' on in this letter but kinda generally and how often would the Whites visit you guys, your grandparents, your parents that sort of thing .

D. Very often

A. Okay, daily, weekly

D. Uh I would say at holidays

A. Okay

D. Christmas, Easter um and uh birthdays, like my grandpa's birthday or my grandma's birthday or

A. Okay so

D. Fleet Senior's birthday or Nyla's birthday

A. Okay so generally and and let's talk about, let's break the families up into… there's too many Fleets here

C. Uh-huh

A. I want let's let's break the family up into Fleet White Sr. um and Nyla corrrect

D. Uh uh-huh

A. Um they would visit your folks or your grandparents

D. My grandparents

A. Okay so Fleet White Sr. and Nyla would visit your grandparents on on the average, the major holidays throughout the years is that what you're saying um Christmas, Easter, and birthdays

D. Birthdays uh-huh

A. Okay any any other times that

D. I'm sure there were other times but I don't know exact dates it would be real hard for me to give exact dates from that point or


A. That's fine that's fine, um when did Fleet White Jr. start comin' into the.picture

D. Well he was always in the picture

A. Right as, what I mean is he's comin' over with Fleet White Sr., when did Fleet White Jr. um I mean is he (inaudible) is he good friends with your grandparents or good friends with your parents both

D. Both

A. Okay okay um kinda as a time reference here, when when did the assaults start, actually who who started the assaults, Fleet White Sr. or Fleet White Jr., the assaults on you

D. Uh Fleet, on me

A. Uh-huh

D. Fleet White Sr.

A. Okay, kinda as a reference, time reference, when do you first remember those starting

D. Around the age of 3 but closer to 4

A. Okay 3 to 4 years old

D. Oh-huh

A. Okay, and where would those occur at

D. Um sometimes at my grandparent's house

A. Okay

D. Oh sometimes at different locations

A. Okay, when they occurred at your grandparent's house, is that over one of these holiday type weekend type things

D. Uh-huh

A. Um that the Whites would be present at

D. Yes

P96-21871 12

A. Okay um, who all was present, 1 mean during those holidays obviously Fleet White Sr. and Nyla uh Fleet White Jr., any other children present

D. Loni

A. Okay, and Loni is

D. Fleet White's sister

A. Okay and who else

D. Uh myself

A. Uh-huh

D. And um my sister would have only been about a year old

A. Okay, were all the children involved in the assaults or was it just you so specifically was Loni there um was your little sister involved

D. At a year and a half, I don't remember

A. Uh-huh

D. Her being there doing anything to my sister at that time

A. Okay

D. Um but Fleet, I don't remember anything with Loni either

A. Okay

D. But I do remember things with uh Fleet White Jr.

A. Okay um

D. Who woulda been about 15 or 16 years old

A. Okay was Fleet White Jr. the victim of these assaults, or was he a suspect in the assaults, Was he a perpetrator when when you can first remember the assaults when he was pressent

D. I think that he was made to do things to me

A. Okay


D. So I don't know if you want to call that a perpetrator or

A. Okay, he was one of the actors in the assaults

D. Uh-huh

A. Okay um Loni wasn't involved in this that .you can remember

D. I mean she coulda been in a different place

A. Okay

D. Having things done to her

A. Okay, um and you started going through time um start movin' forward, do you ever remember your sis your sister, younger sister bein' involved or being the victim of these assaults

D. Yes

A. Okay

D. Uh-huh

A. When's the first recollection that that occurred

D. Uh...probably when I was about 6 years old

D. Uh 10 old, your sister's a year and a half younger than you

A. Okay uh

D. Uh-huh

A. Okay and what's your sister's name

D. XXXX last name now.






A. And where's XXXX livin' right now

D. Germany

A. How come she's out in Germany

D. Uh she transferred

A. She

D. From Arvada to Germany

A. Arvada Arvada, Colorado

D. Yeah

A. Oh she was a local person

D. For a while

A. Okay is she in the military or anything

D. She's a civilian but works for the military

A. With the military

D. Uh-huh

A. Which branch of government is she in


A. Okay.; how old is she right now

D. 35

A. Okay, I want to come back to XXXX in just a little bit, so the first time you kinda remember um XXXX also being a victim of these sex assaults, cause when you were 6 that made XXX about 4 and 1/2

D. Uh-huh

A. That right, and where was that at again kinda generally which


D. Well I (inaudible) I uh

A. (inaudible) occurred

D. I would say probably my grandparent's house

A. Okay, did anything ever occur at your mom and dad's house

D. Yes, uh-huh

A. Okay, tell me about, let's start with some of the things that may

D. Can

A. Have occurred at mom and dad's, go ahead

D. Can I say something cause

A. Sure

D. I have to do this, um and this is really important um my grandfather

A. Uh-huh

D. Died on his birthday February 6, 1966

A. Okay

D. And the Whites were attending a party and uh what I remember about that is that my grandpa was trying to protect me

A. Uh-huh

D. And that Fleet Sr. and my grandpa were in a screaming match, yelling and screaming at each other and my grandpa had a massive heart attack

A. Okay, and this is fact

D. And died and that's really important

A. This was at his birthday, your grandpa's birthday

D. Uh-huh


A. Okay, who

D. And I just, I remember an argument happening and I don't remember what was being said cause I was only, I was almost 4 years old then

A. Uh-huh

D. And I remember my grandpa grabbin his chest and falling to the ground

A. Okay, I'm sorry, do you remember what the argument was about

D. No

A. Just that they were screaming

D. Something about…that they were screaming that Fleet had got out he was tryin' to tough me or something and my grandpa just got really upset

A. Uh-huh

D. For some reason and they had a screaming match

A. Okay and this is Fleet Sr.

D. Right

A. Okay, um did you talk to your grandma about this at all, who else have you talked to about all these assaults

D. I haven't talked to my grandmother about that

A. Okay, uh have you talked to your mom or dad about either one of these, and of the assaults or anything

D. About any of the assaults, a lot of times there where there so I wouldn't have to talk to them about it

A. Okay and I guess that's what's (inaudible) I'm not understanding a 100% so your mom and dad were present in the room during the assaults…or they were just there in the house during the assaults

D. My mom


A. Does that make sense

D. Yeah. well they were often present during the assaults

A. Okay so your mom and dad both knew about what was occurring

D. Yes

A. Okay um and they knew, what was occurring to both you and your sister

D. Yes

A. Okay, were they a part of this

D. Yes

A. Okay. how were they a part of the assaults

D. Well they let them happen

A. Okay. um did your did your father physically assault you at all

D. Yeah

A. Sexually assault you

D. (inaudible) things about my dad

A. Okay, um

D. Wrapping me up in blankets. keeping the blankets really tight so I couldn't get out of it

A. Okay

D. Um I can remember being whipped belts. and I would uh pee in my bed or something like that

A. Okay so were your mom and dad, the assaults, were they limited to the kind of physical assault type thing. physical and mental assaults um or did they also include sexual assaults

D. They also included sexual assaults

A (inaudible)


D. And uh my mom…was that she would actually sometimes take me to places and witness things that have happened to me

A. Okay what do you mean take you to places

D. Like- take me over to the Whites

A. Okay

D. Or the there were other locations that they would take me to

A. Okay okay so your mom was physically active in actually kind of giving you to the Whites is that what I'm hearing

D. Right

A. Okay, and this is this started with Fleet White Sr.

D. Yes

A. When did Fleet White Jr. get involved other than when he was kind of a participant at 16 um when did he kinda physically take over become involved in this

D. When he was doing it willingly is that what

A. Yeah

D. You're asking me

A. Yeah .

D.………….need to think

A. Okay

D. And probably when I was around 7 ~ 8 years old

A. Okay, that's when he kinda became an active participant on his own as it were

D. Uh-huh, uh~huh

A. Okay, um when's your birthday

D. 4/25


A. 62

D. 62

A. Okay, uh

D. And Fleet White is 50 years old

A. Okay, so he's about

D. 13

A. 12 years older than you. 13 years older than you

D. Uh-huh

A. Okay um let me let me back up for just a second, we talked about Fleet White Sr. and we talked about Fleet White Jr. um and unfortunately let's define assaults I do you remember were they kind of a fondling. touching type of an assault or did they go beyond that

D. No they went beyond that

A. Okay for both Fleet White Sr. and Jr.

D. Yes

A. Okay, um. tell me how far they went beyond that is it um

D. Penetration and

A. Okay, like digital penetration with their fingers

D. No penetration with their penises

A. Okay. um vaginally

D. Yes

A. What about anally

D. Yeah

A. Okay so penetration both orifices


D. Uh-huh

A. Okay, what about oral sex

D. Oral copulation

A. Okay um where they made you un they placed their penis into you into your mouth, that sort of thing

D. Uh-huh

A. Okay and we're talkin' about both Fleet Sr. and Jr. doing this

D. Yeah

A. Okay uh when was the last time this occurred ,

D. Last time?

A. Uh, the most recent

D. The last time that I can remember Fleet White Sr. was when uh he came to my grandparents house in Cayucos

A. Cayucos, where's that

D. It's in California I

A. Okay

D. And it's about 5 miles from my home

A. Okay and when was that

D. Um, can I look

A. Sure anything that will help you

B. While you're at it, how do you spell Cayucos


A. Okay


D. The ninth of August 1980

A. Okay, and what's what are we looking here

D. That's uh the will of my grandfather

A. Uh-huh

D. And um it's um Fleet White’s signature as a witness and Nyla White. as a witness too

A. Okay and this is in it's hard to read the date 19…

D. 80

A. August 1980

D. Uh-huh

B. (inaudible)

A. Is that, that's supposed to be an 80

D. I think it

A. 19

D. Actually I think it should be a 90

A. 1990

D. Yeah

A. Okay and this is when Fleet White Jr. and his mom

D. No this is Fleet White Sr.

A. Okay this is Fleet White Sr., so the last sex assault that occurred to you by Fleet White Sr. .was back in August of 1990

D. Right

A. Is that right trying to get some of these straight and that’s after this photo it’s kind of a two page photocopy that rolls over, it's a it's supposed to be a legal size document Lee (inaudible )


C. (inaudible) I just received it on a fax machine and I assume it's the standard (inaudible)

A. (inaudible)

C. (inaudible) will

A. Okay, um when is the last time that Fleet White Jr. um was a suspect, when was the last time he did any type of sexual assault on you

D. Uh the best that I can remember it would have

A. We want you to .remember

D. Okay, it would had of been between uh 1976 and 1978

A. Okay, and where would that have occurred at

D. In Trona, California, Trona T R O N A

A. Okay, uh so '76 to '78…um…the kind there's there's kind of a big skip, I mean Fleet White Jr. stops in '78, um Senior doesn't stop until '90, were you around Fleet white Jr. between '78 and '90, have you been around him at all

D. I've seen him

A. Okay seen him like I mean like on TV or seen him personally

D. No in a more in a more casual setting at my aunt and uncle's house in Bakersfield

A. Okay, when was the last time you saw Fleet White Jr. in Bakersfield or saw at all

D. Uh woulda been in probably around in the .8O's mid mid 8Os

A. Okay um that's kind of a casual you just got kind of a casual atmosphere

D. Uh-huh

A. Uh

D. Where Fleet and Priscilla had come to visit my uh uncle

A. Okay


D. And Aunt in Bakersfield

A. But there wasn't any type of assault on you at that time

D. No

A. Okay um ...any reason why Fleet White Jr. stopped the assaults back in '78 I guess (inaudible)

D. We1l..."um I think because it……it had gotten to a point where I was being abused so much that um people were noticing things where I was going to school

A. Uh-huh

D. And they reported that there was some child abuse going on

A. Okay

D. And at that point in time I went to uh sex investigation and then later uh they went to a preliminary hearing and then the person um pleaded no contest to statutory rape and sodomy

A. Okay um we just pulled out a photograph of a person in Inyo County

D. Inyo

A. I N Y O County um Independence, California is that right

D. Right

A. Okay let's, who who's who's this a photograph of

D. Mackey Boykin


D. Well he spelled it different ways

A. Okay


A. Okay...,Boykin


D. Uh-huh BOYKIN

A. Okay and when was this when was this booking photo taken

D. In '80

A. 1980

D. I think it says one or is that 81

A. It's hard to okay '80, '81 something like that; now how does how does Mackie fit into all this; who's Mackie

D. Mackie was uh my stepfather's brother

A. Okay

D. But not at the time that this was going on, he was my mom, when she was married to my dad

A. Uh-huh

D. Had several men that would come over to our house and Mackie's brother Mackie's sister Lived down the street from us in Buena Park

A. Okay, let let me back up just a little, what's your mom's name

D. Gwen

A. Got that G W


A. E N and Boykin


A. What's your real father's name

D. Don

A. Last. name

D. Krebs (inaudible) yeah

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