Pineapple in bowl
OK, I am in possession of a detailed description of all the photos the BPD took.  It is VERY detailed and most interesting.

Some posters are under the impression (and I don't know where they got it from) that there was milk in the bowl with the pineapple.   Truth is, the bowl had pineapple in it - and ... well, I will share two descriptions of two photos.
Both photos were taken on 12/29 by Officer Yamaguchi.

"#416 - This depicts, at a different angle, the bowl of pineapple on the kitchen table.  The solver spoon, which appears to be somewhat tarnished, remains in the bowl.  The bowl is nearly completely full of what appears to be chunks of pineapple.  Some of the pineapple is much more yellow in color than other chunks.  In the foreground of this photograph is a pear-shaped candle, the place mat on the furthest east side of the gloss top table, the Kleenex box and the gingerbred house."

"#417 - This is a close up of the bowl of pineapple which shows the spoon still in it.  This larger serving type spoon is silver and is ornately decorated with a pattern on top.  Inside the bowl is a large amount of pineapple. This bowl may also contain milk, although it is difficult to tell since the bowl is also white.  The bowl may be a serving bowl, although it is possible that it is a breakfast bowl.  It is difficult to gain perspective of its size.  The pineapple depicted in this bowl appears to be browning from exposure to the air."
I did an experiment concerning the pineapple. I took fresh pineapple and put it in a bowl with a large spoon and milk. It sat on my counter for 4 to 5 days. It never turned black. In fact the 2nd day it looked exactly the same as before. All that happened was by day 4 or 5 the pineapple has begun to shrink. Never rotted. I would have expected a much different result.
Try it without the milk I have seen NO police files or witnesses that say there was milk in that bowl. Not the Ramseys or Schiller (who spoke to people who were there on the 26th) or even Thomas who said the pineapple was fresh - - but never mentioned milk.
I have no idea if this is a valid photo, but this makes it appear as if milk is in the bowl (although it may just be pineapple).  Some pieces do appear more yellow than others. Also, in the background of this picture is the glass with the tea bag in it.
If that lighter color is milk, why is it sitting on the solid pineapple?

Two photos.

I believe (though would not bet my life on it) that the first one, from Court TV, is the true picture.  I would also say the notes I have indicate the photo with the Kleenex on the table was taken on Dec. 29th. 
There is no mention of milk in any of the early accounts, a mention in a description later but that was not a positive statement.

Then look at the next image, look close.  The tea bag has a string and tag that go off in the wrong direction and there looks to be little doubt that is milk in pineapple.

I believe the second photo was staged.

Why?  Who knows.  Makes no sense to me to stage anything to prove ANY theory.
The second one on the right is definitely not the same scene as the one of the left. 

The colors and shapes of all of the items are completely different; the angles between all of the items are completely different, etc.  The bowls are very different: Look at the top rim.  One has significant curvature while the other one goes almost straight up.  One has a pedestal while the other one doesn't seem to (not just obstructed, but missing).  The glasses are also quite different: One has thicker glass (compare the top rim and the optical effect of looking through the glass) and has more of an angle as the sides go from bottom to top.   The spoon has a different curvature for the handle as well as different design on the handle.   The royal blue mat in one picture has rounded corners while the other darker mat has sharply angled corners.  The table in the "staged" one appears to be a clear-glass-top table with three metal legs, and the bowl appears to have been placed almost at the  center of it.  The other table could be clear glass, but it doesn't really look like like that because you cannot see right through it; all you can see are reflections.
As for the teabag in the glass my opinion is that the morning of the 26th someone drank tea and once the tea was steeped the teabag was put in the empty glass. It's something I would do as not to stain the table/counter with the teabag.
It is honestly confusing when we have the crime scene photos, images from the real crime scene video and then a bunch of staged shots for movies and TV. I have Lou Smit's powerpoint presentation and now a pile of photos from Ollie's files - - some police photos and many others taken by the Ramseys investigators. Still takes some time and study to figure out what is what if not watermarked.

New photos of the pineapple and glass with tea bag in it.  Thank you Dave for getting these for me.

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