The truth about the Boulder Police Tip Line
I have a document from November of 2002 that says there are 3500 tips in a computer program that are part of the BPD files.
As on that date - November 2002, less than 5% = = FIVE PERCENT - - of those tips had been followed up, acted upon.  Tipsters received no call back for most tips received.

The DA's office submitted 400 leads and as of that date only about 100 had been dealt with.

This "cold case" has a lot of potential if the files were to be opened and investigators encouraged to follow the evidence and find this killer.
Wow those numbers are alarming. I understand they probably get tons of tips.. Especially with the massive documentaries from last Christmas. Every single tip should be followed. If they feel overwhelmed, they should hire more people to follow up. I truly believe they have their mind set and feel like it'd a waste of time. What a damn shame.
Lou Smit and Ollie Gray were both hired by LE to help with this case. It is shameful that their leads have yet to be followed up on. Some of those leads could NOW be cleared up quickly - - if the suspect has been in trouble since his DNA may be in CODIS. Or people who might have protected them in 1996 may not feel the same now. Some who were never even aware their name had been turned in by unloving ones might be able (and even eager) to help with a DNA test.

So much still to be done. That is just what Lou told me days before he passed. And I think little has changed.

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