Roscoe has recently posted this:

After Patsy hung up the kitchen phone, the killer pulled on the cord around JonBenet's neck for the last time. This time it was a double loop.
He knew that the police was on the way.

"Emotional Release"

He had to watch JonBenet die by choking her up close and personal, by choking her to death.
Just before leaving the wine cellar, he hit her in the head with the knob end of a child ball bat, this was his "emotional release.

Understanding the crime scene.

This was a personal cause homicide

Time JBI

There is NO proof of this. Even though the autopsy does not have an exact time of death.. .science proves she died sometime early morning . NOT after Patsy called 911. The scream heard by the neighbor. Why would the killer risk staying around like that?

He is the first person Ive seen to ever say this.


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