Merilee Burt
Marilee Burt: Burt was walking home from a friend's house when she was murdered on Feb. 27, 1970. The 15-year-old was found strangled under a bridge on Deer Creek Canyon Road, southwest of Littleton. An autopsy report showed that she had been sexually assaulted and struck on the head by a blunt instrument.
Marilee, a member of the prominent Burt automobile family, had attended a middle school basketball game with her best friend when she decided to walk home from her friend's house. The best clue investigators uncovered was 10 feet of rope that apparently was used to strangle her.
Authorities thought they had a break in the case in 1981, when they briefly detained a man with a history of sexual assaults on girls. Ronald Bloom gave police a sample of his hair on May 31, 1981, so police could compare it with hair found in the rope at the crime scene.
Bloom was never charged with the crime and police have not come close to an arrest since.


My question is this - - and I am afraid I know the answer.

When a man likes Bloom gives a hair sample to be compared in a particular crime, if it doesn't match IN THAT CRIME, is it destroyed and not compared to any other crime?

From what I understand the answer is yes, it is destroyed and not compared to evidence in any other case.

Somehow that doesn't seem right to me - kind of like making a plea bargain and confessing to simple assault instead of rape. Benefit to the state - save the cost of a trial. Benefit to the defendant - stay out of CODIS.

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