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Tom Miller was a frequent guest on the BORG Peter Boyles Radio show. He believed Patsy wrote the note, sent a handwriting report to Darnay Hoffman but was ultimately discredited as a handwriting expert in this case because he had no access to the note, was working off a copy from the Internet (unprofessional, unprofessional). The following is from his appearance on September 14th, 1999.

"I don't want to speak for Judith (Phillips) completely, but I'll tell you my theory. I believe something horrible was occurring between John and JonBenet. I believe that Patsy Ramsey somehow became involved, either discovered it... I believe that an action was taken against John Ramsey by Patsy, which missed and hit JonBenet, resulting in John and Patsy working into a cover-up. That's pure hypothesis, no way to prove it, don't know what the facts are really going to turn out to be. That's what it seems like to me, the bashing into the head, later a garroting. ........Patsy could not have done the garrote, Patsy could not have done it. It had to be John. Judith knew Patsy for 17-18 years. Patsy couldn't have done that physically. I don't believe she could."

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