Dr. Beuf 2/14/1997
From Mills documentary "JonBenet's America"

in the four years before her death, JonBenet was taken to this pediatric clinic 27 times.

Patsy: How could that be child abuse for heavens sake. My child is sick, I'm going to take my child to the doctor. You know, I mean you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Tracey to Dr. Beuf: JonBenet was brought to see you on 27 occasions. Does this number of visits
strike you as excessive?

Dr. Beuf: No, I don't think it's excessive under the circumstances. I went through her chart and summarized the types of visits she had in the office in the few years prior to her death. She was here three times for annual well-child visits, one time for stomach ache, one time for vaginitis, one time for a bruised nose from a fall at a local market, and 21 times for colds, sinusitis, ear infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, hay fever, and possible asthma. A pretty wide spectrum of generally allergy and respiratory system associated problems which are not uncommon with kids her age.

Tracey: So that number 27, one would expect that other children would have similar numbers of
Dr. Beuf: Some more and in some cases less than others.
Tracey: In that kind of time frame?
Dr. Beuf: Yes.
Tracey: Did you see any signs of any kind of sexual or physical abuse of JonBenet Ramsey?
Dr. Beuf: I saw absolutely no signs of sexual abuse. I had no suspicion of it.

Man: Other media stories have suggested that vaginal inflamation released in the autopsy report suggests previous sexual abuse. This conclusion is not supported by the balance of medical opinion.

Dr. Thomas Henry: {Denver Medical Examiner} From what is noted in the autopsy report, there is no evidence of injury to the anus, there is no evidence of injury to the skin around the vagina, the labia. There is no indication of healed scars in any of those areas. There is no other indication from the autopsy report at all that there is any other previous injuries that have healed in that area.

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