skid marks
I believe it was a BORG who first started the garbage about Burke smearing feces on a wall when he was still a baby in his crib. I think many parents have had to face that cleaning chore as babies DO fill their diapers and every so often a diaper IS removed and the mess spread. Whatever, doesn't indicate a criminal or troubled mind or fortell the future of a killer.

That person spread it on the BORG forums and passed it on to the tabloids after an unsatisfactory session with Lin Wood, as I remember. I honestly can't remember those details but doesn't matter, the feces subject was brought into the discussion and when Kolar started with his crap (pun intended) it was like an old cinder burst into flames and the BORG ran with it EVEN THOUGH THE EVIDENCE AND DOCUMENTATION DOES NOT SUPPORT THE GOSSIP!

I really wish the Ramseys would not settle on the CBS lawsuit without a full disclosure of the lies and misrepresentations. To do so would mean new students of the case would still find the gossip, the lies, in BORG forums and NOT see the evidence to the contrary.

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