The 1994 Christmas tour
Tracey: Patsy Ramsey says she has similar regrets. She was always inviting people to her home. She made this video and even held a Christmas open house for the Boulder Historical Society.
{shows video}

PR: And we had probably from 1500 to 2000 people come through our home in 2 days. But in retrospect I often wondered if, you know, that was just an open invitation to a murder. I mean, if somebody was trying to scope out your house, whose bedrooms were where, I mean there were a lot of people in that house.

Tracey: The Ramseys had people in their home for the last time just two days before the murder. It was a children's party.

JR: Well, she and one of her little friends were hanging up the coats and that kind of thing - she did that, that night - I remember that.

PR: I had gotten gingerbread houses and each family was going to decorate a gingerbread house. I had all these gum-drops and I'd bought a gallon of frosting and they were just having a ball. It was just a really fun evening.

(From JonBenet's America

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